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Does anyone here have Intermittent explosive disorder?

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Well, i don't think i've ever been diagnosed with IED, but i do have a lot of experience with my emotions getting released as sudden explosive bursts of anger that seem way out of proportion to the situation. As a kid/teenager, it used to be way worse, (slamming my head into lockers, knocking people unconscious, throwing chairs across rooms, etc) but over the years i've gotten better at controlling it. For a while it got focused into self-harming behaviours (i literally had doctors warning me i would lose limbs the way i was going) before it got to where it's at now, where i'm usually fine, but every so often i'll completely lose it at something seemingly minor (even though with the full context it usually makes sense) and go on a total rampage, as some people may even be able to attest to here from pretty recent memory. :D*hiding
I usually just refer to them as "my episodes" now.
This is actually making me consider asking if i could be tested or something for IED.

So, anyway, that was kind of a long path to get to me saying: I totally understand coping with explosive fits of anger, and i'd be happy to talk about these things if it'd help you feel less alone. *hug10

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