Does anyone in college feel trapped by their parents?

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by LongLost, Jun 19, 2010.

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  1. LongLost

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    Is anyone feeling the same way i am? i live with my parents and im almost 19. i finished my first year at the local community college. my overly religious parents recently revoked their aid in my education. because i had sex. i cant use their car. i dont have money for my own car. i have two jobs but cant seem to save enough for a car. i cant get loans for college or a car because i have no cosigner and apparently cosigning is against the Bible, so my parents wont help. i dont have many friends. Iv been with my boyfriend for more than a year and a half (hence the sex haha) and hes the only one i have. hes gone through more crap with my parents then anyone ever should have to go through. theyve interviewed him, scolded him, given him regulations to date their daughter (me) that i dont even want. theyve set the standards for my dating life. i feel like my parents do almost anything they can to keep me from being with him, because they know what we have done. my mom is so involved in our relationship and is stiffling. she is way too involved in my personal life. she dictates what we can and cannot do because its "her car" that i would ever use to go out and do things. my boyfriend has a restricted liscence for speeding tickets, and he cant drive me anywhere. my siblings cant help me. im the last child and so many things have changed with my parents decisions with me. my brothers were reckless and a lot worse than i am. they got help from my parents. i feel trapped with nowhere to go.

    i just want to breathe without them
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    I just wanted to say I sort of understand the feeling you're going through. I feel a bit better knowing there are others who share something in common with me. I just had a conversation with a therapist last night just about this. After attending university was when I started having problems with my overly religious parents. I'm in fourth year uni now. I found everything they wanted me to do too restrictive. I feel the religion is too restrictive and I know my parents will be pissed if I were to go against religion. No drinking, only eating halal food, no dating. No girls drives me crazyyyyyyy. Although you are a bit braver than I. Fact that you've had sex before marriage (I'm not sure if this is the reason your parents as so angry with you), shows that you're definitely more comfortable with crossing boundaries. I wish I were like that. I'm a muslim by the way, in case you're wondering. Bottom line, your parents will have to learn to accept the lifestyle you choose. I hope you can get your parents to sod off your personal life. I can imagine that's very disconcerting.

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