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does anyone know any good blogging sites ?

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hi i was just wondering if anyone knew of any good blogging sites i tend to need to vent alot and the people that are on the site i am are getting sick me blogging all the time.


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I think they mean another forum?

If you set up your own blog about depression you have to watch carefully for any idiots who might turn up - but as long as you set the comments to always be moderated for first time users - its not an issue.

The main thing is building up an audience - I've helped on lots of blogs and websites - installing them and learning the control panel - and making custom themes, avatars and so on.

WordPress is good - simple to set up and lots of free themes which make it look a certain way.

As for annoying people here- - don't be daft! Given the nature of the forum we expect people to vent here - indeed its better here than face to face with someone at times - as we often say things we do not mean - or have a desire to vent at someone or something but not upset people.

Nobody is upset by venting here.

If your looking for other forums - thousands exist but I'd say Suicide Forum is one of the top ten easily. I've perused though hundreds and hundreds of sites - more so for research as I never felt the need to join a forum up until recent times.


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I like posterous because it's so easy to post. You can send it right from your email which also makes it easy to post from your phone and ipod. Some of the others aren't very mobile friendly.

If you don't want anyone seeing it or anyone commenting on it you can restrict access to it to just yourself or add a password so only a select few that you choose can view it and you can restrict comments as well.

They have some decent default themes that you can choose from or they have an option where you can put your own html/css to have your own customized theme.



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If you want an online diary there's also Open Diary.


It does have a bit of a dated look to it but you can customize to some extent. It does what its supposed to do and lots of people are on it you can make your diary public or private you can also make specific entries public or private as well as restrict notes to the whole diary or just specific entries which is a plus.

I pretty much just write for my own benefit sometimes it just a makes more sense when you write or type things out.
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