Does anyone think this is GOOD advice?

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Advice: "so what if you are socially inept? Learn to be content with it and be happy that you'll always be alone. You can still be happy even socially inept."

That's good advice? If you think that's good advice, you MUST think that telling a fat person to be content being fat (and telling that person that he/she can be happy as a FAT person) is good advice. You are telling to throw in the fucking towel and be miserable. FUCK THAT! Don't go thinking that advice is good advice.


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That advice makes me cringe. Sounds like the person meant well.. But, the delivery and execution were way off. Just my two cents.


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That's a bad delivery. I think what that person is trying to get at is "be happy with yourself, whoever you are" kind of thing. If you're outgoing then so be it. If you're introverted then that's who you are. Social awkwardness can be somewhat overcome. I used to be pretty socially strange but then I really came to a place where I honestly did not give a rat's butt what other people thought of me and then I was much less awkward. Too bad that timing isn't 10 years earlier when I could've actually USED it for something purposeful. High school was a nightmare and now my social skills are only needed to make sure I don't beat anyone up at work. Unless you're riding along the scale of Asperger's you're able to overcome much of what is considered "awkward" or "inept". Whether you WANT to or NEED to, is another story. One could certainly make the case for just being happy with who you are and leaving it at that. No need to change that for the social construct of society.


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@Ldub20 True contentment has a beautiful radiance. If you are truly content, your social ineptness will fade into the background... and people will be drawn to you.
Deep contentment is an exquisite trait that not many people possess.
You can find it my friend!
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