Does hope really exist for me?

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  1. Walking in fog, trying to find the clearing. An area I've never known, filled with emotions and feelings that some tell me i should be experiencing. Unfamiliar yet distant from any part of my consciousness. I laugh and it doesn't feel real. I smile and it feels broken. How do you learn what happy feels like when it has never been experienced since birth. Endlessly wandering around with constant confusion, sitting on the sidelines watching others be happy and merry. No jealousy, just sadness, wondering why i can not feel the same. I don't know. I am not sure i will ever fully understand why the hardest thing to heal is something we can not see.

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    Hugs to you
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    I think hope exists for everyone. Hope is one of the most fundamental needs of all mankind.

    Are you seeing therapist or on any meds? If you have never been able to feel happy, maybe there is a chemical imbalance that is adding to your problem?

    In any case, sending you lots of hugs, and lots of hope.