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Does it count?

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My ex bf raped me. I broke up with him and said i was moving out and he said we could still be friend etc, we already had plans to go to a party that night so he suggested we go together. We did he spiked my drink and I passed out at my friends house. All I remember is him carrying me out of the party and I kept coming in and out of consciousness. The next thing I know I wake up the next day and I'm on the floor in my bedroom, covered in sick and blood, he'd thrown a sheet over me and got in bed himself. I felt sore n he said it's because he'd had sex with me a few times last night, when I said I was unconscious so that was rape he said it didn't count cos I didn't try and fight him off, and we'd had sex before so didn't c the problem? I was livid but I knew if I went to the police it wouldn't hold as a case. I fucking hate the prick, and I want justice but it's too late. I tried to confide in my new bf he just shrugged it off n said it doesn't rele count cos he was my bf ?


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Hi Honey,
It's never too late. I was raped by a man I was babysitting for in 2002 and I only reported it in March, it looks like it's going to court and to be honest, its in my favour. He told lies, and he got caught out by them.He said I never stayed at his house, that I never babysat...but he'd forgotten he'd already told people that I did, and those people have made statements for me, sorry for rambling on a bit, I just want to show you it's never to late. What he did was not your fault, and you do deserve justice. Whether he was your bf or not isn't a question. It counts, he raped you, he's indenial and just plain stupid. My PM box is open if you want to talk, much love,

Inmemoryofyou x


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Did he drug you at the party? In either case, having sex with someone in your condition, is awful and indicates a really sick mind. I am glad you are not with him anymore...and the thing that counts the most, are you feelings..I would not use him as any reference about what is the appropriate behavior as he has real problems...he does not count
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