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Does it ever end?

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Sometimes I seem to be getting better but every time I'm on my own the suicidal thoughts come back. Will they ever stop?

I want to hear from people who are recovering. Do the suicidal feelings ever go away? And how come some people can go through life without ever feeling suicidal?


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I still feel I think of suicide everyday also. But I also know the feeling of not feeling suicidal. Just remember that the negative feelings your having will eventually pass.

People have this because simply it is what it is happening in the brain. People like us have a chemical imbalance. This is a fact. Medication and Therapy can definently help with this.

I feel everybody has thought of suicide at least one time in their life but it's important to stay optimistic if you can and not dwell on it.

Hope this helps


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I definately feel 100% sure that they can go away forever and never come back, its not set in stone that you will always be haunted by these feelings.

But it also widely varies by you, your situation, etc, but I'm quite sure that there's always a chance of these feelings going away and never coming back.


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Everybody gets suicidal from times to times, esp when going through some rough times.That said, even if u overcome this suicidal feeling, u will probably fall back on them again when something bad happens in your life.But if u beaten this once, u can do it again.

I believe that u don t just stop being suicidal like that...But if u say u get better at times and if the suicidal mood is less frequent, this means u are slowly recovering.Shit happens so you ll prolly have many mood swings b4 u overcome this, so be prepared and don t despair next time u feel u want to die.

Apart from that i m confident that being suicidal has to do with depression and feeling trapped..Experiments have shown that animals get depressed when they can t avoid a painful stimulus, or in other words when they feel trapped and they can t escape..The symptoms of this depression are similar to the human suicidal feeling;they stop eating, they lose their appettite for sex, they remain lazy and they don t even try to avoid the negative stimulus that is practised on them, as if they quit nad want to die.
So, if u feel trapped in your routine, if you feel u don t have much choice about what s happening in your life, u are likely to get suicidal thoughts everyday.Medication and therapy will prolly help u get over this.
I wish there will be a day when we ll all stop thinking about death and we ll be able to be optimistic about our lives


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you just have to put yourself on the path of righteousness

very negative thought, ruined my day about this thought never leaving


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from my thoughts im going through the same faze. im trying to stop.

i spouse it does stop but im not quite sure. i knows its not stopping for me.


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Think of it like immunisation. They don't go because they are in your mind. But when your feeling happier they look different, happiness is your white blood cell kicking that suicidal feelings ass and changing it into a different type of thought. I think people are right, it doesnt go away, but it also isnt the same thing when your better, and I reckon that is what makes someone who has come through such things stronger.
it doesn't go away but it becomes so tiny you dont notice it, im recovering at least i think i am but when im in my dark place everything goes and i cant escape everyone just needs to find some way of getting out, mine is therapy and my loved ones


This has to go away. I can't stand to feel like this forever. It has to...


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I've often wondered these things too...I can't tell you that these feelings can go away because I still have them.

And I'm often jealous of people who go through life without feeling suicidal. The truth is, though, that most people probably do at some point--it's just that for some people the thoughts are more serious than others. But I've always tried to keep my suicidal feelings hidden, even from my family and friends, so there could be lots of people hiding the same feelings.

For me, the feelings aren't as strong as they used to be...but they still come and go. But I went through many years of my life before they started, and I believe that I CAN get rid of them and get my life back...I just don't know how. :sad:
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