Does it ever

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Does it ever make you sick to see the people that cry wolf over and over again?

Does it ever end when people really say good bye?

Does it ever make you wanna scream JUST DO IT DAMN IT

I have noticed through my fight with depression and different pro life groups that I associate with that all the people that need attention in life seem to flock to sights like this one. Please Please don't take this post the wrong way I love SF and I am so thankful that there are people here to listen to me rant. But I do have to say that I was roaming the boards and I noticed a post that said "I am going to end it today" that post was made in March the same person is saying the same thing in Sept and there are still people posting reply's with "don't do it, we are all here for you" Isn't there are time when we say okay we are here for you but we are not going to be used as some emotional dart board everyone has issues and everyone needs to be lifted up at different times Just the other day I was really in a bad spot and today I am in the position to help someone out. It is a circle here one day your giving the encouragement and the next your recieving it. But I feel like the ones that abuse that support and kindness are even sicker than the rest of us. I wanna scream WE ALL HAVE PROBLEMS SUCK IT UP AND DEAL WITH IT. But I know when your in a slump nothing else matters except for your problem and that's okay but don't scream death over and over if your not gonna do it. If you need support and attention just say I am having a really bad day and could use some encouraging words. I feel like we are the enablers in thier little sick and twisted game. Everytime someone screams suicide we run to them and nurture them knowing that they are not going to do anything other than come back the next day and say they tried last night but (someone found them) or (the blade wasn't sharpe enough) or the noose came loose) These people with 5+ "attempts" are nothing more than wolfe criers and we are the reasons I feel ashamed that I have been a part of this sick selfish cycle for so long. These people are stealing what good points I do have in my life and on their part it is the most selfish thing I have ever seen. I would rather spend my good times talking to someone trying to make them feel better because they told me how rough their day was not because they said i'm gonna end it all today. I am tired of having my emotions stepped on by immature attention getters and i'm not letting it happen anymore and I hope some of you will realize that your emotions are being abused also by attending to every false cry that is given I understand that people do need a little extra up lifting every now and then, but I hope everyone will wisen up a little and not throw yourself under every bus that passes to get trampled use your energy wisely and deservingly!
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