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Does it help?

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I have thought alot about getting on medication, for depression. I have tried it in the past, but for very short periods of time to the point where it wouldn't be effective. I have all the common symptoms, inattentiveness, socially withdrawn, irritability, etc.

For those that have been on medication for a healthy amount of time, does it help? And by how much? Can a pill help ease a profound depression, because I am in the middle of a hellish case of the blues. It's not temporary, well, not really, as the depression keeps coming back. I wouldn't say I'm bipoler, as I usually go between two states: low and lower, at best apathetic. Any insight would be appreciated.


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If the doc gets the right med and dosage you should see an improvement within 2 weeks. Not saying you'll be dancing for joy but it will help lift the mood enough for you to function. I came off mine too eary it seems :sad:


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Thanks Devastated. And is there anyone who'd like to share their experience with medication?

@lymeinside, a few of the doctors I've talked to seem to dislike Paxil quite a bit. When I was on it, it seemed to make me worse, if that's any indication.


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For Depression - prozac is the s**t. Seriously its the best anti depressant out there and the most popular for that reason. I recommend it.
For Depression - prozac is the s**t. Seriously its the best anti depressant out there and the most popular for that reason. I recommend it.

How have you been? I haven't seen you on in a while. :hug:
Hey hun, I just wanted to let ya know that no pictures are allowed to be shown of yourself here for safety reasons.


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I've been taking Zoloft (sertraline hcl) for most of the last 7 or 8 yrs and have found it to be of great help in 'controlling' the depression that would otherwise cripple me.:smile: I've gone off it, intentionally or not, a few times and noticed a difference - or was told I was behaving differently and had a different attitude, and not better - after being off it for more than a couple weeks. Then would have to "start all over" and put up with the inital side effect of feeling nausea for the first couple weeks... but it went away.

I also take 1mg Risperdal every day and feel it helps me control my inner rage at myself and circumstances and others.

I always had felt that depression was a weakness, an inconvenience to family and friends, not a treatable illness.:sad: The difference in my mood after being put on Zoloft dissuaded me from that and convinced me that I wasn't being "weak" for taking drugs to feel better. (that was the feeling I got distinctly from a few persons close to me:sad: )

There are also so many different types of mental health meds that if one kind isn't helping, there are others you can try.:smile:


does it help? It sure helps me!


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thanks theleastofthese. That personal info on anti-depressants was just what I was looking for. And yeah, I'm aware of the multitude of medications available. I just wanted a few testimonials to the general anti-dep med category. Your post helped out quite a bit, thanks :)

PS: Other testimonials are still welcome
My experience with anti-depressants is as follows:

Prozac: Takes away the pain, but takes away the highs of life too. Makes it difficult for me to create poetry, and I start feeling like a flake if I'm on it for too long.

Lexapro: Loved it! I suffer from OCD as well as depression, so I loved this, (my doc said it was good for both) but I am currently not insured, so I am taking some old Prozac to get through until I can get back on insurance. Think it may have slightly messed up my ability to come up with correct words for communication, but I'll gladly pay that price to be able to feel "normal" a little bit!

Luvox: I think this worked okay, but sometimes I would do the stupid thing of trying to cut back or go off of medication, which my husband and a friend who takes medication for depression keep telling me is a bad idea.:rolleyes: Don't remember too many bad side effects.

Risperdal: Didn't do much for me. I never really noticed a difference.

Zoloft: It worked okay, but I had to get off of it because of the side effect of the intense dreams that it gave me. The good dreams were okay, but when you have a nightmare and wake up in a cold sweat with your heart pounding from a severe feeling that you were just about to die that kinda makes you want to go shopping for something else.:smile:

Paxil: Never tried it, but have heard it's potentially dangerous to young people because it can actually INCREASE suicidal thinking! My cousin was on it briefly, but I don't remember her ever saying anything about it one way or the other.

Hope that at least one piece of info here was useful to you. Keep looking, you'll find the right medicine for your system and your situation.:smile:
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