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does it matter...

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whats the point of living if everything gets worse...nothin works out, ppl try and help but make everything worse, i dont think i want to wake up tommorrow, to have to face everyone and pretend everything is fine while inside its not. Its too hard, day in and day out im depressed, no moment of happiness stays long enough.


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Happiness may not last long enough. Such is life. This is why we must store it up in our hearts for the tough times to remind us of why we keep going. When you feel yourself starting to indulge in your own sadness, falling into that pit of despair, resist the urge. Do something you love, or do something for someone else who will appreciate it AND you for doing it. It doesn't have to be family or friends. It could be volunteering at a charity or something that you believe is good. Maybe if you can get out of yourself and start seeing others and their problems, you can truly be a positive force and a true blessing in the life of someone else. A renewed sense of purpose can really help in gaining a greater sense of perspective, self-respect and personal worth and dignity, which in turn will help to lift that fog of depression.
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