Does it really matter in the long run?

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    Yes, Life has me sitting back doing a lot of thinking. NO, I am not in a suicidal frame of mind nor do I want to harm myself. However there are so many things that I question that probably have no answers. In reality I guess there are no answers for the questions that I have. Do the things we do to improve our lives really make a difference in the long run? People go to college after high school in hopes to find a career that they love. Yet many times hear they are over qualified or they do not have the on the job experience. What the point of furthering your education when in reality all you are left with are student loans and nothing to do with the degree you just earned.

    You fight your whole life to make it better for you as an adult yet those who are supposed to love you constantly try to tear you down. You once cared about yourself and the direction you were taking in your life was an accomplishment in itself. But in the grand scheme of life is any of it important? So what if I am in my forties and in college, so what if I choose to live my life the way I want it to and not to follow in others footprints doing the same shit they do. Do I consider myself a better person then they are? Your damn right I do. I once took pride in my classes, now because of several issues they don't seem important anymore. My whole life has become uncertain. Do I even finish school if in today's society means nothing? I'm not a dumb person, I had goals, I finished high and went on to better myself. Not one fucker in my family can say that they even finished high school. I am no better than anyone else just because of what I have accomplished nor will I ever think I am better then the next person. I don't understand how one person can be a black sheep when they wanted to better themselves, to walk away from the hurt, drugs and alcohol.

    Why am I so different from even some of those that I work with? Even though I have not worked in awhile, I will be returning to work hopefully after my appointment tomorrow. But how can a person be out right mean to another just because they are a little slower then the person making fun? Do humans have no compassion anymore or is it that this world is truly out to destroy those it sees as weaker? How can a person be outright mean and then laugh about it when they are telling others what they did? I guess I do not understand this because I have never and could never be outright mean to another because they are a little different. We live in a cruel world and I guess I want to fix everything. I feel like a failure because I can't. I also know that me fixing the world in unrealistic because it takes everyone to make a change. So what, once again is the point when in the grande scheme of life living in a world full of so much hurt and belittling?

    I'm done venting because in the long run would it even matter what my thoughts and feelings are?
  2. Wow. I'll have a go a that.. That's some steep thinking you've been doing.

    These are just my thoughts! I'm the first to admit that not only do I not know everything, I know almost nothing. I'm groping in the dark here.

    We certainly can't rule out that possibility, as per Descartes and his Cartesian doubt and hypothetical evil demon - pretty much everything is unknown. Until we actually know something, we may never figure out if we even can know everything, and maybe we can't anyway. Right now, we know very, very little. (well, maybe somebody knows, but they're not telling me!) ;)

    It is as good a guess as any. Literally.

    Ok, so.. in "the long run" you mean.. next century, a billion years from now..? A billion billion billion years from now? (For you brits, I'll avoid the use of trillions, I'd go right to googolplex, but a lot of people probably wouldn't understand, and I doubt anyone really can comprehend such a number.. if in fact anyone can really comprehend even a 150 billion years - only 10 times the theoretical life of our universe?)

    So.. loooong run, right? ;) No. Yes? Does it matter? What really matters? Since we're here, now, and not then, and.. probably never will be.. according to wikipedia (and who would doubt them?) in a mere 50 billion years the surface temperature of the Earth will be well over the 147 C / 296 F it will supposedly reach by 2.8 billion years, and the Earth and the Moon will become tidelocked, etc. etc.. that's only IF the Sun has not already engulfed the Earth. But basically, everybody, everything on Earth, dead. Still gives us time to pack our bags and find another place, but you and me probably won't be here to see it.

    So back to what matters.. my guess.. is that since we're here anyway, shouldn't we all be enjoying it? Why would you want *anyone* to suffer, if there's an option for everyone to be happy. Meantime, be as happy as you can be without causing anyone else suffering, as a general rule, since we're not perfect. Try your best to avoid causing others grief, because... would you want to be on the receiving end? Do unto others and all that rot. ;)

    Society, life, people, evolution.. strange things. Evolution - try everything at random and see what works. Ok, we got this far, now we know that intentionally hurting other people has no value. Ok, some people can probably actually take pleasure from it, but if they can be just as happy, if not happier, without hurting anyone, why wouldn't we take that option? (I won't go into all that uhh S&M thing.. uh.. moderate away or whatever)

    Rarely, but on the odd occasion, yes.. but we are all quite a lot more diferenter than most would probably have you believe.

    Hrm... ok, we might be having some communication problems. I don't think human speech is an ideal form of communication, to put it mildly. (or, y'know .. the writing thing - same problem, words can have many meanings)

    When you say "better person" - you're meaning something along the lines of: you can do x or y or whatever better than some other person..? Because the other option that comes to mind is that one thinks one is inherently better than anyone else. Is your consciousness better than my consciousness? .. Well, mines a little tortured right now, so I might give you that.. but seriously... consciousness is consciousness... feelings are feelings. I'd say we can all be alive and happy, once the biotechnology catches up with our imagination.. for at least as long as the universe doesn't go into maximum entropy, heat death, or what have you.

    My thoughts are that we have no certainty anyway. Past events do not guarantee future outcomes. Quantum mechanics basically says you can NOT know exactly where anything really is and know how fast and what direction it's moving all at the same time. You can only calculate statistically, where it will probably be, the next time you check. You, as a person, could physically, suddenly, find yourself on the surface of Mars. Statistically, the odds of that happening are ridiculously small.. again I guess we're getting into incomprehensible numbers, except super small this time.

    If it means something to you, then yes. If you think you can do a good thing and help make this place a little better, and you can do it.. Then.. go for it! If it makes you happy, or your friends, or family, or the world, or the universe, or whatever, a happier place..

    These are good things, in general. However, I'm of the mind that people with better skills at problem solving or goal setting, or mental or physical manipulations of whatever sort didn't ask for it. Yes, if you're born with excellent physical health, you can probably outrun that guy born with no legs. The one thing we can probably assume is that we're all pretty much conscious. Maybe it's the same consciousness and we just can't tell because we're biologically impaired. I'm pretty sure I didn't ask for this (maybe I'm getting old and my memory is fading..) and I certainly don't want it. Let someone else who's better at it than me go at it. Uhh, but I digress.. I don't think they asked for it either.

    Ok, so that's where I had trouble with that communication thing back there.

    Jealousy, resentment, pain, emotions.. non-ideal (not that there's an "ideal") results of random biological evolution. That would be my best guess.

    I believe they literally take some small pleasure from it. I also believe that we can also all be a lot happier, just as curious, motivated, and loving, etc... as anyone has ever been, but we could all be that way. We just having figured enough out yet.

    I think it's pretty safe to say there's people out there who have NO compassion. I believe that's an evolutionary mistake, but one we can eventually fix. Maybe we really are the same consciousness and we are somehow deluded by this figment called time.. into believing we're not. But hey.. nobody really knows, right?

    Yes.. we're all different.. but in many many ways. Just as you couldn't properly describe colour to someone who's never been able to see.. because it's simply an experience they've never had. Just as much you could not describe anger, or love, or whatever, to someone who's never experienced emotion.. but it's the same thing with everything.. you can never really, truly, describe ANY of your personal experiences to someone else with something as clumsy as language as we know it. We are all different.

    See.. while I can totally relate with that.. there are a zillion nuances in how you experience it, compared to how I feel it. So our current level of communication is helpful.. there's vast room for improvement.

    You know what "they" say, right.. one person can change the world.. and if you believe general history, it seems plausible. You say it's unrealistic, but this whole friggin universe is staggeringly unlikely, it seems to me. Unless you have forever to work with... then, everything that could ever happen, no matter how unlikely, would happen over and over again, infinitely.

    Try your best to make it a better place for your self and everyone else.. Do your best to enjoy yourself along the way, but don't hurt anyone else.. especially not me.. I'm a wuss.

    In the long run... only time will tell? Meanwhile, what can you do right now..? Maybe it does matter. I might venture into further speculations, but afraid of saying the wrong thing. I think I have communication problems. ;) I hope something in there helps. It's all I seem to be able to do.. hope. and even that's been running thin lately.

    Take care
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