Does love even exist?

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    By love I mean everlasting love. The kind of love where two humans unify against the harsh world for life.

    It seems to me that everlasting love only takes place in fairytales. Maybe all real people feel is lust? Hell, I think I've given up on the concept of love without even experiencing it...

    Then again, we all have our own definitions for love. Do we not? Maybe I'm the only one with my definition... Because it sure as hell seems like it.

    I've seen so many of my past friends cheat and get cheated on - not to mention my parents even cheated on each other too. We also have all these studies that put the percentage of eventual cheating to 50% of relationships, and even higher for others.

    Maybe humans just aren't meant to be together forever...

    However, upon introspection, my views could be skewed by past experiences. I don't know. What do you guys think?
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  2. Brian777

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    Hi GameAddict, I believe that kind of love does exist, I don't think I've ever experienced it. From what I've heard you have to love yourself like that before you can love another. To me that's been my greatest challenge, although I usually put others before myself, I question if I do that for the right reasons. I hope that someday everyone will attain "unconditional love" I believe once we do the world will be a better place.
  3. Witty_Sarcasm

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    I think love does exist, maybe not for me, but for others. People misuse the word "love" and then it can lose its meaning. But I do think it is possible for people to fall in love and not want to cheat or leave or anything.
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    WALLY GASKIN Well-Known Member

    Love is a rare thing.I have only found one woman in my entire life,and she died.You get one father,one mother and maybe one spouse.One of each,and thats it.The rest of the time,we are on our own.And yes,we are suppose to love ourself,before we can love someone else.But with the mental state most of us are in,thats nearly impossible.
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  5. Depressed Since 1974

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    The word Love was stolen and commercialized to sell Valentines day cards, candy, flowers diamond rings, wedding dresses, parties and more. This is why we have such a difficult time recognizing it.

    Love requires nothing, expects nothing yet it costs your soul. It is easy to give and hard to get. Love has a great value but you cannot buy it. Love is all around everywhere and in every moment and can't be seen or touched. Love is a lie and yet it is true. It is a mystery that children understand but baffles adults.
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  6. Frances M

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    I think love is real, does exist, and can be lifelong. Some of my opinions aren't popular, but I'm more of a realist when it comes to human relationships. Though I really like to read fairy tales, I don't believe love just happens and "comes along when you least expect it". I think that if you don't love yourself first and treat yourself with respect, you simply cannot expect to find someone else who will. I had a friend once who expected that all of the men she dated should "accept her for who she is" or else they didn't really love her. Well, she was addicted to junk food and beer and was morbidly obese. She kept saying things like "real men don't exist or they would see beyond my weight"...and the like. Her problem was that she didn't respect herself enough to live as best she could and get healthy. It wasn't necessarily her size, it was her lifestyle and attitude. I think that the "Disney" version of love has created a skewed idea for lots of people that a "prince charming" (or princess) is just around the corner and all you need to do is wait and that forever love will be effortless. I used to think this way, but life experience changed my views.

    I think that if a person wants and needs love in their life, they have to make it their mission to go out and look for it; and if they find it, know that they have to make efforts to keep it alive. You have to risk getting hurt to find your true love because it might take a while for you to find it. It took me to age 45 and I spent two years getting myself healthy and in a state where I felt I was comfortable with myself, loved myself and my lifestyle and could manage my mental illness enough that perhaps I could finally find someone who didn't have to carry all of my "baggage". I had to deal with a lot of issues before I could let anyone in. But that's me.

    If you're talking about love between two humans, then I think love encompasses lust/affection/romance/companionship. It also requires two people to be committed to each other in communication, trust and nurturing the relationship if they want it to keep going. I think common interests and a desire to live a similar lifestyle are necessary as well. Though I have troubles with my relationship currently, there is no question that love is present and the commitment is there, sometimes hidden behind my fear and anxiety; and his ADD, depression and anxiety. Mental illness skews perception but if love is the core of the relationship, then it's deep-rooted, loyal, and patient; and it will endure.

    If cheating is present, I don't think there is true love. Those who have cheated may disagree that it's only about sex. Sex is part of the entity of love. If you require sex from an outside source, you no longer have love in your current relationship, you simply have some kind of routine or comfort that you're not willing to let go of out of fear or laziness. I hate cheaters. I don't think love between humans can or will ever be unconditional because every person has their own set of standards and values. I believe that true love is monogamous.

    Now, I can wholeheartedly say I love my dogs unconditionally and this is a forever love because they will always be able to count on me, know that I'll love them and I really can't imagine life without them. I have three dogs now, and two who have passed away. The two pugs who passed away are still a huge part of my heart. That love never dies.
  7. SillyOldBear

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    I think that kind of love exists. My parents had it. My friends Ernie and Helen had it. Many in my church have found it. But it does seem rare and seems to get harder to find every day.
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  8. Most people claim that love exists, but I personally don't understand how.
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    In my opinion, there is no true love (unconditional love ) in this world. Everyone is driven by selfish motives and desires. Loving someone for my own sake is only affection. The wife do not care for the husband when he is jobless or the husband does not love his wife when she is ugly. Such is the nature of love in this world. It is just my opinion.
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