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Does making a list help?

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I was speaking with my one friend today about helping myself with getting motivated. She mentioned making lists of what needs to be done in order to help me. She said that it will help not only my memory but my self esteem as I realize what I have accomplished. She said a side affect is it seems to dull down the depression if I can keep moving doing things.

Well I wrote this huge list but I am already feeling overwhelmed. Maybe as I get started it won't feel that way?

Do any of you make daily lists and does it help?


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When I was raising my kids, I made a basic outline of tasks that needed to be done. I had them grouped by daily, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, and seasonally.

I kept it simple and it gave me a structure to work by and it helped me teach my kids what it takes to run a household.

Go back to your list and sort it by needs and wants. Start working the needs first so it will become habit. Then you can start looking at wants a little at a time.
I only started making a list 2 wks ago coz the same as you some1 suggested it 2 me aswell and i find it does motivate me more and focuses my mind and i actually get thing's done.

You don't wanna put 2 many things on there that will overwhelm u at first so you start 2 think it's impossible 2 do any of them. I put my list in a place where i can alway's see it..in my case the hallway..in big letters..i normally put 4 things on there that r manageable eg. Having a shower, cleaning a room, go shopping...simple things that r acheiveable without stressing you out then i cross the 1's i've done off 4 the day...then add a couple more 4 that following day...i normally only do 2/3 a day but it's alot more than i ever did b4 i started writing things down.

Give it a try..start off by writing just a couple of things down, then add a couple more when you've done those and i'm sure you'll find u feel more motivated and you'll be getting alot more things done..it help's me alot hope it help's u aswell.

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I live my life by lists. I often find I have about three on the go at once so occasionally need to amalgamate them and get even more organised. As has been said, don't put too many things on the list, or you'll be overwhelmed. Start with the most important things. It might also help to put them in order, or I find it helps to highlight the top priority.

It's very satisfying to cross things off the list. To start with, maybe include a few little things that are easy to accomplish, so you'll have a few things crossed out and then you'll feel more ready to tackle the bigger stuff.

i do make a list, but end up looking at it and putting it off further and further

i know i shouldn't, but i'm overwelmed by it- even if it's just 2 or 3 things. i just can't be motivated to do them


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I think it's more helpful to make a list and then schedule time in to do it. For me, if I make a list and the tasks are too big I won't do it. But if I make a list and then break down small tasks with a time set for them, I'm more likely.

For a silly example - you want to clean your house, and you write a list of things to do i.e. mop, vacuum, dishes, clean the windows, clean the bathroom

What I found more helpful instead of looking at that would be

Monday 4pm Mop - steps - get the mop out, fill the bucket, mop this room, then that room

Tuesday 12pm vacuum - steps - get the vacuum out, check the bag isn't full, vacuum living room

and so on and so forth.

I'm a brilliant list maker, but I find I often put too much in the list, and, like you, feel overwhelmed. Making smaller steps helped, and could help you too

Just my suggestion! And good luck! :)
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