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    I am trying to date finally after a couple years of letting "fate work" (biggest mistake ever), and I can't help be think I am playing with a disadvantage. (depression) does this actually make sense or am I just being paranoid over nothing? I mean I can talk to women on a good day, so right there if my mood flips i am useless for conversation, I have to be careful what topics i bring up cause it could trigger a mood swing, i cant talk about my past for the most part cause that would involve family and that wont work out well lol. I know i need help with my depression but right now it wont work to my advantage, trust me i have worked it out with my sister as to the consequences of leaving the military.
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    Depression does put one in a disadvantage hun because it clouds our thinking our way of acting at times I hope that you can get some help to alleviate the depression so you can move forward hugs
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    :semi-twins: :p