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does size matter?

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Don't flip the boat

As they say it's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean... bring on the tidal waves!!!
I'll say what we are all thinking...

The size of a mans penis effects his self esteem more than it affects his actual sexual abilities. Men with small penises, or who believe they have small penises generally are shyier sexually, and around other guys. They don't like to talk about it, or will lie.

Now, that of course is total BS. I am either average for a white male or undersized, I don't know, depends on where your average comes from. And frankly, I could really care less. I am probably one of the few guys that would say NO to an extra inch or two.
Reason? As the phrase used above "There is a key to every lock" My key is just the right size for my mates lock, and an added inch would be... uncomfortable.

That being my reasoning for my thinking, I shall now end this X-rated spout of gibberish, with a final little quip.

SIZE DOES NOT MATTER. It is what you do with it that counts! No women really (Going on a limb here, I lack ovaries) wants the trousersnake some men claim to sport that would make a horse blush. That is just WRONG.


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It isn't how big your pencil is; it's how you write your name. Hehe... Thanks for giving me honest answers on this subject. It was hard to find them other places, and I knew this was a place I could rely on for candid responses.
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You know what bugs me. not the size. The fact that I can't take a piss in a urinal because there's some random guy stood next to me. I keep thinking he's looking over my shoulder.
Someone told me that's a phenomena in some guys. I want a cubicle :(
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