Does size *really* matter?

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I hope no one takes offence to this... but I wanna know :rolleyes:

Do you think size really matters?

We'll just go with.. in anything at all.. in general....
I'mnot answering :bleh: and I'll look at you however I want :dry: is better than :huh: <--- when I start looking atcha like that then you really should get peeved
we've taken this thread and turned it into the two of us being gutterminded weirdo's... :huh: :rolleyes:

well.. at least I know I have a guttermind...
:bleh: well I'm good at entertaining apparently.. especially with all this :blink: Just ask lauren and Joe :biggrin: Yes I'm bringing them two into this

don't cross your arms at me. what are you my mother? :bleh:

:poke: and you continued it!


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Nope. lets say this: according to studies of the human female reproductive system, two inches is enough. sorry if that was gross or offended anyone...
:ohmy: 2 inches?

geezus..... :laugh: no offense taken by me... of course. yes, I'm sick minded. *bows* thank you :tongue:
:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

I am not commentuing anymore, because I'd have to add lots more which would be um, x rated lol :::::::::::dissapears into the crowd and changes her name:::::::: I think I'll pick ummmm Lawren. shhh!!!! don't tell anyone!
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:laugh: *giggles like the immature high-schooler I am*

:laugh: :whistling it may matter just a tiny bit :rofl:
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