Does slow thinking & memory problems pass?

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    Hi everyone.

    I wonder if anyone have had these problems? I've found some names for them, like pseudo-dementia and psychomotor retardation. I'm affected quite severely by this I believe and ofcourse I'm anxious about that. I've read that treating the depression will slowly make these symptoms also go away, which is calming, but also come across statements that depression can cause some damage to the brain aswell.

    I've also been eating badly for a long time, a cycle of comfort foods and alchohol, low carb dieting and fasting, and sometimes low appetite. I will try to get a balance with that though asap.

    If you've had these symptoms and improved, I'd be grateful to hear about your experience.
    Thank you! :)
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    Hello Beatdown, I can relate to the mental changes from depression. Also, I've been doing some research on nutrition since I stopped taking my pain medication just over a month ago, I'd been on for about 7yrs. I have problems now with memory, anxiety and my motor skills seem to be off. From what I've read, nutrition is a big factor in repairing the damage. There's a book called "The Mood Cure" that you may find of help. Supplements like magnesium and enzymes seem to be helpful.
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    Thanks for the reply Brian. Im trying to stick to unprocessed foods while supplementing with omega 3. Ill look into those you recommended.
    Ive started to read "the depression cure" by Stephen Ilardi. While it doesnt seem to be at all about the hate/grief part of it, it does explain how to make lifestyle changes to reduce depression drug free. He seems to recommend a grainfree/unprocessed paleotype of diet devoid of processed foods, which are not only mostly unhealthy but also packed with cheap omega 6-rich oils. Just a bit of that and one easily falls far off the optimal ~1 to 1 ratio in favour to 6 (he estimates the typical american is somewhere around 16:1 iirc..)

    Ill try to stick to this and see if I can fix me and my life.
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    I think being depressed slows the mind down, and drinking alcohol certainly won't help as it's a depressant in itself so it will make you feel slow and sluggish. I definitely suffer with slow cognition and mind when I am depressed. My speech also gets affected, but since my last depressive episode this has not improve at all for me.
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    I have been experiencing this phenomena lately. It's got my freaking out. This phenomena happens at night and it's horrible..I would wake up uttering nonsense and use the wrong words in place of the right words talking to myself (or utterly garble). I am taking fish oil supplements and trying to eat more brain healthy foods such as salmon and blueberries... Last night I got a really base cause of those mental phenomenas you spoke of. I really did feel like I was getting 'retarded' which I hate using that is not something to play around with either..I think I talk in my sleep too which might mean I am half conscious still talking to myself when I awake.
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    So many typos, must of been having that issue when I was also typing that message *cringes*
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    Your diet, drug and alcohol usage, and sleep patterns all effect your motor functions.
    I used to be a manager and a forklift operator at a wholesale distribution facility.
    I know these things now only because it was a VERY demanding job, both mentally and physically.

    If you lack nutrients, your motor functions will be slowed. As the same goes with lack of sleep and prolonged alcohol and/or drug usage....and I know THAT one, because I used to be a pretty heavily involved alcoholic.
    Depending on how much and how often you drink, alcohol can linger in your system and still effect you even after the hangover period, sometimes for a couple days up to a week...that varies a bit of course, also depending upon your age, your tolerance, etc.
    Lack of sleep will also do that. Very similar to how alcohol does, however I dare say that lack of sleep is probably even more dangerous because you're less likely to be aware of how badly it is effecting you whereas when you're intoxicated you have at least some mental awareness that you are intoxicated. Alcohol dehydrates you as well, and your hydration level will also effect your reflexes and responses.

    Really, all you need to do is regulate a schedule with these things and bring your health up to par.
    When I was a kid, I was born with some motor functions and they told me that because I was young that video games and anything hand-eye coordination such as sports was like to be therapeutic to me. Try gaming a bit once you've got yourself regulated with your food, sleep, and drinking.