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does the weather make you depressed?

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morning rush

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cold is back and normally I love it, fall is my favorite season with halloween and all...but lately I'm depressed by it...not sure why...just feeling the cold and thinking about the cold makes me sad...and not want to live...

am I the only one who feels that? are you affected by the weather?

total eclipse

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Many are affected by the early darkness now Less sunlight seasonal affect disorder it is called Cold Damp days are the worst i think for me hun hugs to you

Growing Pains

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There's a type of depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is depression or worsening depression in the colder months. Usually Winter, but I wouldn't be surprised if it could affect someone in the Fall, too.

Personally, I've always felt at my worst during the Summer. Still, the weather does affect me to some level. So, you're not alone. :hug:


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Yes - of course - the lower levels of natural daylight - added with depression - well some days its possible to get no daylight!

but - I like the winter also - love it when it snows although nobody wants to play out with me and build a snowman.

It will hit you when you get to 47!

I mean - you'll want to throw a snowball and feel that it would be childish.

But if it snows you get lots of light! Wow - when the sun reflects up off the snow. Then you get to wear shades in a justifiable manner. I think men who wear shades when not needed are maybe hiding heroin eyes.

And an ideal time for romance!

Or - sigh - a series of meaningless diversions based on the basic needs of life.

They do say falling in love in the winter usually is more real than a summertime or spring romance which might just a casual fling because the weather is nice and so on.

You got a cooler head in winter. And a colder heart! Literally.

And if your more depressed - yet she still cheers you up (a prerequisite towards falling in love) well its win win all round.

Well - I could have holidayed for winter - but circumstances here deny me anything more than a weekend in the slums of Europe - a last gasp chance to see Europe before its well and truly turned into other nations, which might not have the same excellence of standards that we actually created for ourselves and won by a fair process called evolution and progress.

Holland and France in winter - its nice - even the big markets - the well lit streets with decorations - even acknowledgement that its Christ Mass - birth of Christ - not Santa Clause - gnomes and the commercialisation of Christmas plus the shining of other religious nutters who cry when they see any religious symbol apart from their own.

And would Christ want to actually see a crucifix again! (Bill Hicks joke)

I mean - lol - painful memories! He got abused and we wear an image of the tool of that abuse. Hmmm.

OK - winter and depression in summary - it happens!

But no need to slide down into despair.

We might get a present for Christmas off someone here!

Or cards! - A card at least!

Anyone fancy swapping cards - to make our homes look like we have people who actually care - lol - so sad - but I want more cards than my brother - at all costs!

And - at least you get a few kisses - I'm not fussy - I'll take it. And have my mistletoe which gives any man the right to kiss a single women - married also if you know the husband. Peck on the cheek for them - unless they don't turn their cheek!

Shame this mistletoe right never went further!

I jest - that would be very bad - but a kiss is just a kiss - right?

Anyhow think of the parties! People do have them at winter and Christmas and New Year.

Hope I'm in a good mood - but usually just go anyhow and get in a good mood as people agree I'm great!

Fu**** if I know why they think that!

If they wore my head for a minute - and survived that minute - I guess they would respect me dealing with it for 30 years!

So in a way - depression is an advantage.

Half the men in Hollywood look like they have overdosed and are about to go home and die. And women have posters of them on walls.

So - we got the looks covered - just need the chat up lines like ....

"Do you come here to think about suicide often?"

Mr Stewart

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It's the shorter daylight hours mostly. Especially when the time change hits and the sun starts going down well before 6pm.

Cold too, but I've lived my whole life in Canada so I wonder how I would react to year round temperate climate. It might do negative things to my already fickle psyche. I also get depressed in summer because of too much sunlight and heat.
I am most definitely affected by the weather, particularly when it's dark by 5. Rain and general dreariness affects me as well. Oh, how I wish winter didn't exist...


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Winter here isn't too cold at all. I love it. In summer, it is very hot, and sometimes weather temperature is higher than body temperature. The heat agitates me. I get angry and subsequently depressed more easily than usual.


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Winter here isn't too cold at all. I love it. In summer, it is very hot, and sometimes weather temperature is higher than body temperature. The heat agitates me. I get angry and subsequently depressed more easily than usual.
Are you in AZ or CA?


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I think winters are more depressing than the summer, but that's just me. ;) I think the day getting dark so fast does affect my mood... makes it more gloomy somewhat.


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I'm feeling the exact same way! Normally cooler weather makes me happier but this year its making me depressed as well as triggering my suicidal thoughts.
This is aggravating me cause this is supposed to be my favorite month. My favorite season. My favorite holiday coming up. But nope.. I want to die even more now.


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Call me weird, i prefer the colder months. Fall is the best. Not too cold you can still go out in a hoodie and still wear boots(addicted to boots.... shoes) but not so cold that you have to put on a winter jacket and a hat. I like the rain actually. The warm weather is ok but i prefer the colder months. The only thing i don't like about winter is that it gets dark early...


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Too hot - hot and bothered - no blazing tropical sun for me and I like the colder months but like the British summer which is mild - maybe a few days you would need air conditioning if truth be told - a few weeks tops.

So its ideal here in many ways weather wise.

Rain is good.

Wind - healthy fresh air from the sea for us!

You can always heat up when its really cold - but cooling down when its real hot - not easy - you have to keep indoors or go to malls!


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I prefer the cooler weather and dark to sunshine. When it's sunny everyone is happy, or acts happy.. they all go out, wear skimpy clothes and go on about how great the weather is. Nice weather doesn't match my depressed mood.. i prefer it when the weather matches my mood.. and maybe then because others aren't as happy so can join me more! Ha that makes me sound horrible! :)
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