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Does this count?

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Soo I don't eat a lot at all due to stress and I have lost a lot of weight. Is this considered an eating disorder? I probably weight 30 pounds less than I should. I didn't think it was that big of a problem but the other day a cop had to ask how much I weighed and when I told him my friends couldn't believe me.


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It's not an eating disorder unless you are making yourself not eat, if you see what I mean.

If your not eating really is just a response to stress then you do not have an eating disorder, although you should see a doctor about this, as any form of not eating isn't healthy.


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I agree.
it doesn't seem like you are afraid to gain those pounds again...and you would be if you had an ED.
Guess it would be better if you try to do so by planning your meals as an appointment. Eating is important-even in stressful days. And while you are eating the rest can wait.
That's how I got over my cheating-habit...my mom said: "no more left out meals.you take your time to sit here and eat-even if it's just a few bites."
Since then I sit at my fixed "eating place" 3 (if not possible at least 2) times a day-always around the same time.
give it a try^^
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