Does this happen to anyone else when they drink?

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by gag, Apr 2, 2008.

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  1. gag

    gag Well-Known Member

    Does anyone else get delusional when they get really smashed?
    I don't mean confused, I mean flat out delusional. Thinking you're somewheres you're not, thinking things have happened, that never happened, etc.

    It happens to me whenever I end up getting tanked, especially if I'm drinking and smoking pot.

    Which usually leads to me making a total fool of myself, I'll start thinking something is happening, or happened, that never took place, and I'll start talking about it, and people think I'm nuts.

    Like on the weekend for some reason I ended up thinking I got my girlfriend pregnant, because I convinced myself we had sex without a condom, but this never happened. My friend was telling me I was freaking out about it, I didn't remember it at the time, but when I had to explain to him the next day that it was just the booze confusing me, he just kind of gave me a look like I was born on planet Gongar. Right now I'm pretty convinced he's under he impretion she is pregnant and I lied because I just didn't want anyone to know. God I'm an idiot.

    For this reason I think I'm quitting booze for real this time.

    So I'm curious, does this happen to anyone else? I can't really recall seeing any of my friends getting so confused when they drink, but I'm hoping it's normal and I'm not just a loon.
  2. There are a hundred good reasons to quit drinking - and that was but one of mine as well. I've been sober 6 months today, yet I keep getting "flashbacks" about all the shit I went through. I still don't know if they were real...(and that is, like yours, very disturbing)

    I was a very heay and constant drinker...Last year at one point, I heard the phone ringing in everyone's apartment - in this building and next door (both high-rises). I heard a few of them talking out on their balconies about that they were getting strange messages on their answering machines - and when they spoke of the messages - they were from MY answering machine! And my own phone kept ringing, though I was trying to sleep, and someone kept leaving these really long messages - but when I got up (at least a dozen times!) to tell them to f off n die, there was no message on my machine! I was so fucked up that I got in trouble with the superintendant the next day (they even phoned my next-of-kin), as I'd taken it upon myself to knock on a few neighbour's doors to ask them about their phones. I'd also called the phone company to tell them that they'd somehow buggered up my phone line!

    The really scary part is that all of this was so very lucid - vivid - see, I can remember so many details, even today! And for the life of me - thought it was REAL! I even distinctly recall asking myself "is this a dream?? Am I hullucinating?!" (though KNEW damn well that I wasn't asleep and dreaming the whole thing...) How's that for delusional??

    Like I said, hon, a hundred reasons...
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  3. gag

    gag Well-Known Member

    That's pretty trippy.

    I always get weird ideas in my head and start babbling about complete nonsense when I drink.

    Unlike you though, I never remember any of it until someone brings it up later on.
  4. Sure I don't know which is the lesser version of Hell...but if you know you're having problems (and there's usually several clues), it's definitely time to do something about it. However, just about any addict (to anything) will be aware that no matter the repercussions, and no matter how disturbing - even horrible - the addiction kinda numbs what would otherwise be considered "common sense" and logic (f**k do I know that). But in "lucid" moments, that's the time to take advantage of trying to find some help (which is of course, a process...but it is out there...)
  5. Believe

    Believe Well-Known Member

    Can't say I've ever hallucinated, no... but things can set me off and make me go nuts, things that I would never think about when sober. Por exemplo, about half a year ago two of my "friends" decided to write on me, and when I went to get up, they both grabbed my arms and one of them said, "Hold her down!"... which are very, very bad triggering words for me. I went absolutely crazy. I went into my room, smashed a bunch of glass, started sobbing, and even walked on the glass without realizing it til I got up the next morning wondering why there was blood all over my floor.
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