Does this mean I secretly want to be like everybody else?

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by 12years, Jan 2, 2010.

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  1. 12years

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    I'm normally comfortable the way I am, but there are occasions when I see so-and-so and her large group of friends or so-and-so and her husband and her new baby that I think, "I wish I had all of that."

    The thing is for me to be happy in that situation I would have to more like other people. More normal. And as it is, I'm just too different, too "weird" to not stick out like a sore thumb. Right now I don't even see any point in having a large group of friends or starting my own family other than to fit into social circles--which makes no sense since I don't even have a social life to begin with.

    I think one thing I still haven't figured out is: Why is it that I still feel like I want things that normal people have that I don't care about when I'm alone? What does it mean if seeing other people and what they have can easily change my mind about what I want... although generally speaking I have a firm sense of identity?

    And that was the best way I could phrase the nagging feeling I've been having lately. Sorry if it still wasn't clear enough.
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    I tend to stay in a lot, and come up with lots of reasons why it's a good thing. Who needs a partner when it just leads to fights and arguments? Who wants to go out and party in weather like this? They must be mad!

    However, when you do go out, you see couples who look so happy you can never imagine them arguing, and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves so much that they don't seem to mind the wind and rain. And you think I could do that... I could live my life like them. Yeah right.

    Thing is I may long for these things, that's the dream, but there was once a time when I used to do them... in the end I simply didn't have as much fun as everyone else. That's my reality. No point in dreaming.
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