does your therapist know?

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  1. ok - so i have to admit that i do have a few paranoia issues but ....
    does your therapist know that you are a member on here?

    if so - could they / would they join - just to see what you are talking about?

    i'm expecting a call in the next day or two - and i'm sure they will ask how i've been etc etc - if my mood is ok when they call - they will want to know what has happened recently to give my mood a lift (and it has lifted, since joining here)
    i'm just a bit wary about telling them about here - and it would feel like an intrusion if they came in here
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    My therapist knows i am here b ut does not know my user name so you do not have to worry ok abt therapist seeing what you wrote.
    I think you should tell your therapist you have found a forum that has helped your mood not be so slow as you have support here
  3. thanks for the reply
    don't think it will be an issue anymore - as i actually think i am now too paranoid to use this (or any other) forum - and i certainly can't use a chatroom again after today
    shame as i was hoping to feel more stable in here - but it's having the opposite effect
    might hide myself away in poets corner for a day or two - just to read some of the pieces in there - but i think i'm done with forums for a bit