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  1. justmeonlyme

    justmeonlyme Long Time SFer Staff Alumni

    i no people will try tell my otherwise of what im about to say but this is what it feels like... and this feeling isn't likely to change.... but i feel like i dont belong anywhere... like im on when im talking to people one on one... but then when there's more people i feel very very out of place... like i shouldn't be there...ive started to become that way not just irl but in chat as well even on msn and stuff im scared to start convocations with people in case they dont want to talk to me... idk it sounds stupid typing it now but its how i feel... and like if i cant get into chat on here (witch is quite often coz my comp is dumb!!) i feel like (this is gana sound dumb) i feel like people dont want me in there even though i no its just my comp been a piece of crap but i still feel that way... :sigh: im like that when im at school to... if im sitting in our big group i find it very had to speck... and like there's 3 of us (from our group) who take art and we sit around and talk and i find it had to talk even then even though they are 2 of my bestfriends... idk this often leads to me feeling out of place like i dont belong... idk :sigh:
  2. cownes

    cownes Well-Known Member

    i dont think any of this sounds silly or stupid, im glad u have managed to type it out, ur a lot braver than me, wehn we feel like this we can soetimes start to beleive that things happen for a reason and for example chat not working and u thinking its because people dont want you there is not true, its hard to understand and annoyin to have to keep telling urself that but its true, when we feel this low and stuff our minds play horrible tricks on us. But they are not true!! You are wanted here and i like to talk to u on msn and stuff, i find it very hard to talk to people irl too at the momment, but as u start to feel better this should improve. You are doing the right thing at the momment by still seeing people, because it comes to easy to just isolate from people and then it gets harder still, so make sure u do keep in contact with people no matter how hard it can be at times as it can help and will help in the future. Try and stay as strong as u are and keep posting for support as u deserve it hun :hug: :wub: u no my inbox is always open or u can leave me a message on msn and i will get back to u. Thinking of u hun :hug:
  3. Ouroboros

    Ouroboros Chat Buddy

    sweetie :hug:

    I think you are a wonderful person - I would never ever ever not talk to you or listen to what you have to say.

    Cownes is right, being low your mind plays tricks on you, does it to me alll the time, but please don't isolate yourself, its not a nice thing (Trust me!). No one doesn't want you around, and if anyone acts like that to you, then I'll come sort them out for you ;)

    You don't have to feel out of place, I know its hard, I have felt it alot, but it can get better. If you ever feel that way while your in chat pm someone you trust, you can always pm me if i'm there - as I said I will always want to talk to you sweetie :hug: As for real life thats gonna take more work, because its real life, but you can still do it, keep hanging out with your best friends and just try to say one thing each conversation, just one thing, doesn't matter how small, then you can say two things, three things, and you'll be off! You can do it sweetie, I believe in you :hug:
  4. FireIce

    FireIce New Member

    This link is very VERY helpful. I was on the end of the rope before I randomly came across this blog site. Not only is she a relationship coach, but all of her posts help women believe in themselves! I've read MANY of the posts, I'm subscribed to the E-Letter and I own one of her programs. She has dealt with victims of rape and emotional/ physical abuse etcetera.

    It says I'm not allowed to post attachments so I'm not sure if it showed up... Or what that even means. Not allowed to post links?

    That, is a post about what you've taught yourself to believe and she's showing you how to SEE IT and help you through what to do next by reading other posts.

    It's a good alternative from heavy medication. Medications don't work if you don't believe in yourself, by the way. They may give you the jump start from rock bottom, but you have to switch your attitude even a little. Coming to this site is a big step, and everyone here appreciates it. (Sorry I'm acting like I've been here the whole time when really I just registered like 10 minutes ago and thought what I had to offer is EXTREMELY USEFUL because it helped me so much.)

    That woman is amazing and I'm still learning every day from what's on her blog. :hugtackles: I've made such a turn around, I can only thank her for the good I feel in myself again. I've spread this around to my friends, and some are too stubborn to listen and don't even want to take a look, others have thanked me.
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  5. justmeonlyme

    justmeonlyme Long Time SFer Staff Alumni

    i no it hasn't been that long since i posted this but... but it feels like its getting worse ive started to isolate even online i have a select few people im still talking to... and if im honest this has happened just in the past not even 12hrs... idk whats going on with me... i feel like i dont belong anywhere...
  6. Azmodius

    Azmodius Well-Known Member

    I think you'd be surprised how many people feel exactly like this, to some or to a lesser degree.
    One of the most upbeat and sanguine guys I know, a friend who is constantly the life of the party and happy beyond reason, once confided in me (probably because everyone comes to me about the negative things!). He said he is constantly surrounded by people, and yet constantly feels alone, like no one knew him for real or actually cared what he had to say. It shows, I think we all feel like this.
    I follow an old friends philosophy on life, 'everyone is a complex mixture of so much stuff, they must have things to say. No matter what it is, I'm interested! They're unique.'
    If you ever need a sympathetic and non-judgmental ear, I'm here.
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