Dog bit my face!

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    I visited my mother this weekend (Friday to Saturday) since it's a train ride away I stay and sleep in my old room... well what's left of it. Back then I had barely moved before she painted it and got rid of the stuff I couldn't take with me... so the tiny room now only holds a bed, still with the old sheets with skulls from when I was a teenager... by now there's more holes in them than there's skulls!

    But anyways...

    My mum has a dog and 3 cats, I see them as mine too and I love them. They're a big part of why I go 'home' that often at all... (I'm actually allergic to cats but I love when the ginger cat sleeps on my pillow even if I struggle to breathe...)

    The dog and I have often played a little 'rough'... which means I come from behind to tickle him and he 'play growls' about it and will softly chew my hand. We've always done that and he knows the difference between playing and going too far. It's one of the ways he gets exercise and it hasn't hurt him. He's not a violent dog, far from it actually. He's so gentle and sweet.

    Friday I wanted to play the game with him, I came to 'tackle pet' him but I didn't see he was asleep and he must have been dreaming. He snarled and bit me in the face.

    His teeth had split my lip and left a wound on my cheek with a streak going down my cheek from my eye.

    The poor dog was so sorry, I didn't yell at him but he knew it was wrong and he spent the entire weekend trying to make it up to me while I just tried to pretend like nothing happened.

    But it hurts like hell and I'm so scared how it will heal up. I am trying to keep it clean and treat it as well as I know how.

    I had to take the train home yesterday and do some grocery shopping and got so many stares... you know, those double takes and then they look away in shame. Or look so sorry...

    I've been beaten most of my life but my face was usually spared.

    This is exactly what I need!! I've been trying to work on getting out of my flat more as I'm starting to get really bad socio and agrophobia.

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    Aw, I know how you feel on the being bit on the face front. My mom's dog once bit me in the face. He didn't mean to. I had accidentally gotten too close to his face while he was eating, and he reacted quickly. It didn't break the skin much, but it hurt a lot and left a bruise. Which got stares for quite a while, and when you have social anxiety or agoraphobia, the stares are so easy to overthink and misinterpret. If it helps any, when I see someone with bruises or wounds, I don't really jump to thinking they have anything to be ashamed of. I might glance in curiosity, but my mind doesn't think about it beyond the first glance.

    Also, if it helps, the bite my mom's dog gave me healed up really well just cleaning it at home. Being that it's a dog you know, the chance of infection goes down (as I'm sure you know what shots the dog has and hasn't had). If skin was broken, just keep it clean, and you should be okay.

    They don't tend to like being messed with while eating or sleeping, but sometimes it can be hard to notice their sleeping, and sometimes (I know I do!) we let our guard down. I know they don't mean to, though. I do believe dogs can feel guilt, as my mom's dog seemed to feel bad for hours after biting me, as well.