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Dog eat dog

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by achtland, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. achtland

    achtland Member

    I realise it's a dog eat dog world out there but do people feel no remorse or guilt over what they do?
    A recruitment agency who's efforts have been poor from the start made no effort to update me on my application status and then when I don't return their calls they suddenly become all interested in me. Why? Because if I'm not staying at my current place it means that they can get their dirty hands on more commission.
    They resorted to phoning me from a 'withheld' number in order to get me to answer and managed to extract the information required - dammit why am I such a fool?!!!
    It's people like these that only see me as money in their pocket that make me feel worthless and want to kill myself. Don't they realise this?
  2. worlds edge

    worlds edge Well-Known Member

    I'd guess, that generally, most do. But the human capacity for rationalization is probably just about unlimited.

    However, I'm not 100% sure why that's a problem, at least in the sense that they're willing to talk to you, and follow up w/you. I'd feel a lot worse if they never tried to contact me, personally.

    In the US, most times it is the prospective employer who pays the commission, not sure if that is universally true. After all, somebody looking for work probably can't pay much, and the employer gets a tax deduction the employee probably wouldn't.

    Why didn't you want to talk them?

    Eh? When you engaged their services you couldn't have thought that altruism was high on their list, could you? And presumably you have a right of refusal if the position isn't one you're all that interested in?

    I hope for your sake they do not, actually. Despite all the BS bruited about about mental illness being a disease like any other, there's still a very real prejudice out there, and if they did think this I can't see how it would help your job search.