Dog with PTSD

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    That's why suicides among servicemen are up. They send people back that're not ready for it (or never will be).

    It's not natural to exist with constant stress. It's like living in a poisonous atmosphere. You can't make it normal.

    I don't mean to be demeaning or anything, to the military men, but that's almost like social anxiety disorder.

    I don't have PTSD, LOL. But I still have dreams where I'm in school again being bullyed. Not as much as I used to tho.

    I know I can't compare this to that. But there're similarities. I think the magnitude is what sets PTSD apart from it.

    I had a therapist for a short while some time ago. He said that I probably have higher stress hormones around people. That my mind... got used to it in school and never "shut off" when school was over. So I have to somehow re-learn, re-wire it.

    I can't imagine what it would be like in iraq or afghanistan, being afraid of being shot or blown up. Blood and guts. My heart aches.
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