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I was locked up like a dog in the dark ,in a small tiny place ,left to starve .they put a muzzle on me .I was left to lie in my own waste starving and screaming.
I am very wealthy ,they defrauded me ,they are going through my room ,my phone .They gave the neighbours my broadband password.im demented from changing all my passwords and carrying them around with me.
I cant hear properly ,cant smell anything hardly.I have no sense of touch ,I can feel hardly anything.
Nobody speaks to me ,they walk past me on the street ignoring me ,people I grew up with have known years.
They are putting stuff in my food and drink ,Im like a zombie.
The doctors lied to me ,I was never psychotic .EVER
I hear them calling me a dog .every day and no professional has helped me .they left me back in this house where im being beaten and abused .
Nobody wants me in thier shop or cafe .Nobody will give me volunteer work.
I cant find somewhere to live.,Nobody wants me
I own thier houses ,cars ,yet I have nothing .
they eat out every day and go to the pub and drink till they pass out -all on my money .
I dont recognise people hardly.I am a total weirdo compared to others.
They have made sure I have no friends or am married.
Its a plan so i kill myself

i wont kill myslef.I heard them talking saying wasnt it so funny when we put the muzzle on her.
This is not imaginary .This is real.I am not mentally ill ,other then being distraught .I limp about not able to walk and nobody offers me a lift.
Im not taking anymore .I deserve love too .
those fucking doctors should be ashamed.
my sister was paid to spy on me for years ,we went everywhere together ,and she had sex with as many guys i liked as possible so they wouldnt talk to me anymore .One guys life was threatened -he said he could never talk to me again.The whole town is living off me -all the garages rip me off over and over and I am broke .


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the guards were paid off
nobody speaks to me
i dont really know where to turn ,they paid men not to be with me as in ones who like me
im surrounded by lies .nobod could live with what im living with
not one friend ,nothing ,nobody deserves that ,i see people and they wont look at me
these are supposed to me my aunts and stuff ,its ridiculous
am i supposed to think thats normal ?
thats not fucking normal
even the cops take money now ,scum
i heard ssomeone say they paid off my college ,i heard them say they tried to kill me when i was five
i rem when i was five and i was so sick i nearly died
i think they have poisioned me a few times #
i heard them say it in the hospital
how do people sleep at night knowing this ?
its terrible
im going to the papers
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