dogs howling ?

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    dont know where to put this but if its in the wrong place then perhaps a mod can move it?

    my dogs started howing a minute ago and did so for about 5 minutes or so, last time they did that was when my brother passed away.

    another thing is i am extremly weak for some reason:blink: i have not tooken anything but yet i feel the way i felt the day i almost passed out only this time its kind of different. i guess its because i have had very little sleep? or perhaps its about time for me to go:blink:

    guess i will know rather i wake up tomorrow or not, dang there goes my dogs howling again, and i know its not the dang moon cause its raining and cloudy out tonight.

    was always told that if a dog howls someone is going to die, also have heard that if a bird flys in a house someone dies

    anyone ever heard that before? or saying like that? care to share?