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Doing now

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My method is right in front of me, sad music on earphones.. omg I'm crying so hard. I wish things weren't that hard. Feels like I'm doing it anytime.
I'm depressed ever since I was little. Every little thing has the amazing ability to make me sad. I'm turning 18 and I've no future. I can't apply to the only career I always loved. My mom is depressed and I just can't help her. Sigh, I can't even help myself. I've just got dumped, switched for someone prettier.. Like it will always be.

Nevermind, you don't have to try to help me.. I'll just do it and never more have to worry about anything. You don't have to waste your time.


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Talking to you and helping you isn't a waste of time. :hug: Please don't hurt yourself.

Why can't you apply to the career you really want?
'cause it's expensive and I'd need to move across the nation to get to the college and I'm really atached to my friends.
I'm thinking about going to sleep and delaying it again. I cryied so much that I'm tired.


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I think you could move to that college in order to pursue the career that you deem your dream and still keep in touch with the friends you are attached to. :hugtackles: With that being said, I have only gotten a glimpse of what your situation appears to be from what you posted above.

Anyhow, I hope you get some good sleep and stay safe. :mhmm:

P.S. May I ask what type of career you want to pursue?


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Hey Mike, You have taken the first step... Keep posting here and let us support you..Suicide is not the answer.. What would your friends think , I mean afterall they are the reason you don't want to leave town..Your mom loves you.. she may not show it all the time, but a mother always loves her children..Take Care!!
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