Dollar Shop Toys

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  1. drewlink99

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    Sadness is running ramped.
    I can see it all around.
    And I feel I am the only one who can sense it.
    And I feel it profound.

    Going down the streets,
    Seeing all the dialect houses.
    Unfit for human habitation,
    Yet so full.

    Hearing about the job loses,
    The wars, and politics
    And even seeing that one lonely girl wandering the street
    Unaware of the world of horrors around her.

    I get this feeling of sadness not only in the poor areas.
    I get it from inside shops.
    I get a sense of depression from dollar store toys,
    And also from the cheap knock offs of clothing.

    Trying to have things that are fun,
    But falling apart as you take them out of the box.
    Shirts coming unhemmed after one wear.
    I can't stand it.

    But it's life.
    Things are not ever perfect.
    Look back at corncob dolls.
    But it was a happier time.

    And not only do I see this,
    There are other things I know.
    Things that are so obvious.
    I can't understand why it never changes.

    A mother buying those toys,
    Those cloths for her child.
    Then going home, and presenting them.
    And he child has a face that is of wonder.

    Going on to make dinner for her family.
    Her over worked, underpaid husband comes home.
    And starts a fight.

    The child with dollar store toys,
    Listens from its room.
    Hearing its mom hit and thrown around.
    Not knowing if its next.

    Looking down at the cheap toy,
    Holding it with fear, and tenderness.
    Not knowing if it will be the last thing its mom will have given it.
    Hoping for the night to go by.

    Police are called,
    And someone is taken away
    But it seems they always take away the wrong person
    And it aches for its mother.

    It's these kinds of things I know happen.
    Every day and night.
    But it is made better,
    With someone to hold.

    It's later,
    When the child with dollar shop toys,
    Hugs its mom for the first time after she is let out.
    Even though it was one night.

    It makes it all better.

    To feel her warm embrace.
    Even though home is a living hell
    Savoring that moment.
    And knowing its mother is alive for another day.

    It's these feelings I get.
    From seeing things in a depressed state.
    They are overwhelming.
    And I want them to stop.

    They will indeed stop
    When the world is functioning again,
    Until then,
    I have to endure.

    I may say that I am the only one to fee this,
    But I am not telling the truth.
    I know others feel this too,
    But in different scenes in their mind.

    We all know what we feel,
    And we cannot put ourselves in each others shoes.
    We can only feel what we have experienced.
    And this is mine.
  2. pit

    pit Well-Known Member

    Very detailed and profound.

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