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dome is my galiath

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Right U R Ken

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Your past has been filled with so much darkness that you may have no other reference for what to see for your future. Understand that you truely deserve better and do what you can to move towards it. For yourself and for your children.


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so it was ment to sp doom. seems a future with out struggle is a little to late now made choices that will have me workin to the bone just to stay afloat. i just hope i can hold out doin this till i find my pebble or my kids are bigg enough to fingd it and use it.i hope the doom does not inpeed on them to gravely. i got a few not to do as a single parent from lookin at others and how things turned out but it really is often outta desperation that these things happen anyway so i can only hope i m strong enough to do it different. the new age women my own family my own career and noone to support or answer should be a ride anyway.
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