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done with this shit

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i don't even really kno why the fuck im posting. my minds made up, i cant handle this shit anymore. ppl r alwyas telling me to hold on and things with gets better... im sorry but im tired of holding on. i guess im just weak.

lost in space

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I don't think that you're weak at all. You have probably survived some things that the ordinary person hasn't had to. Are you taking any meds? or seeing a therapist? These things can help make life better for you.

I fought depression and taking any meds for years before I accepted that I would need to take an antidepressent and antianxiety med, but only after I ended up in the hospital. It would have been a lot better if I went along with my doctor in the first place.

Is there something that you want to talk about? Whats going on?
I know ur hurting hun! im one of the people that has told u to hold on, and i wish more than anything there was someone else i could do, something i could tell u to cure to straight away, but unfortunatly it doesnt work that way. Time is really what is needed! but u dont just have to sit bac and watch things crumble around u, as the person above me said u need to talk to a councillor and get on some medication, i kno its hard for u but there must b a way! Ill do all i can to help u!
Please take care, u kno im always here for u!

jane doe

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how will you see if things get better if you aren´t alive to see it? hun i know how you must be feeling but wasn´t that what you wanted to read? people telling you to hold on? caring people who cares for you? we all are here to make you feel better because we think you are a good person and that you don´t deserve to die. We all post to try to make you feel better (and i really hope it works) but you must start caring for yourself hun, you must think about you and try to get things better, and try to don´t lie on your bed and wait for the time. try to keep you mind and body busy so you start feeling better. i really wish you the best, and i hope you pm me if you ever need to talk because i´m here for you;) take care;)
You are not weak, not at all. I know I have been one of the people telling you to hold on as well... I know its so so so much easier said than done, but really, its all anyone can do I guess, especially with complicating situations like this one. There's no hard and fast solution really, apart from time... because - I could be completely off track and wrong - but things change over time, things have been known to get better... :hug:

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