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  1. RottingPlums

    RottingPlums New Member

    Ready, steady, go, right?
    Why should I stay when he doesn't care about anything but his guilty conscious.
    Should never have trusted in him so much and I should have left in February as planned. Hate myself for getting so weak and telling him about the forums but as usual he doesn't want or try to understand why I do it. I hope he finds true happiness with his soul mate, even though im not his I believe he's mine and wish him all the success in the world. At least I know I'd never be good enough for him now.
    Im mentally preparing myself and beginning to tell people what I need so i can leave happy <edit mod total eclipse timeline>
    I don't know why im writing this, I guess im too scared to write it on paper for anyone to see it doesn't feel the same if im writing it to strangers, makes me feel better in an odd way.
    I wish you all luck in finding something to live for x
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  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    You have to live for yourself first hun before you can live for someone else Take care of YOU ok then in time you will find your true soul mate but you have to be strong for YOU first
  3. Chillguy

    Chillguy Member

    Dear, I am going through something very similar. Until only a few days ago I was at or even beyond where you are now. I was somehow shown that it is not worth it. I dont know how to explain, because many tried to tell me, but I would no believe it because of my pain and suffering. Somehow you are being made stronger to deal with something way more important than him. Your role in life is something even though you may not be able to imagine or comprehend. PM me if you need to. I think I can offer you some suggestions that will help.

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