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I want to die. There is no fight left in me. I think I am too tired and depressed to actually commit suicide. How sad is that? I have people who love me and would try to help me. I don't want the help. I want everything to boil over until it is all consuming, and I can't think about the people who would miss me and who love me. Then I would be able to do it I think. I want to die.

I used to say there were reasons for doing it. I don't have reasons anymore. I just don't want to live. Death is the alternative and it looks more appealing each day.


Sorry to hear how truly hopeless you feel right now. Have you been feeling this way for some time now?

Maybe you can tell us more about what's been happening for you? Sometimes just venting what's on your mind can give some relief, even if only for a moment. I hope to hear more from you.
Hi Paulw3pain, i wanted to second what Dark here said, to vent out what’s going on in you’re mind right now and what is not going as you expected it to go. I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling this helpless, but would love to hear more from you if you want to share. Sending support.

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