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just dont care

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Well i am done i have finally made up my mind that i am going to kill my self i have a date set and it will happen. i was unsure if i was going to do it or not but i am done and i just dont wanna be alive anymore. i just dont want to be alive anymore i am tired of bad things always happening to me i can never have anythig good happen to me without something bad happening so i have finally decided to stop living, because i am such a burden to all my friends and my family and i know that once i am gone that their lives will be a lot easier and that once i am dead they will eventually get over it and they will lead great lives because i will no longer be holding them back. i think you guys here are awsome and that you do a great job but there are some people that just cant be helped.


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Hi and welcome to the forum
I think your friends and family will never get over it, if you kill yourself. I know, eventually people will go on with their lifes, but I am sure that most of them will keep thinking about you in a daily basis and the way you left , others will think less often about it but will remember in some occasions for sure, and there will be people wich even would feel guilty or responsable for that.
You know,I feel often like that too, everytime anything good happens to me it seems I have to pay the price and have to deal with something bad. It doesn't help to say this, I know, but it seems like it's the way life is, and only thing I am sure about is that it will give you skills to cope with the bad things, and if you look carefully, everything bad has a good side, something that sooner or later will be usefull.
I know the hurt is sometimes too much, and I also know that there are times when it all seems to happen at once, but try to get the energy to live from all bits of happiness and achievements that you make. And please, try to get some help, let people that you trust know that you are having a difficult time and need a shoulder, a hug, encouragement.....
You can let things of your chest here, maybe it helps to tell us what's bothering you, rant about all things that put you down...
I hope you change your mind and give things the time and another chance,
life is so unexpectable that true happiness can be just around the corner....give it the time to come to you.
Take good care,please don't hurt yourself
I feel like that alot of the time, but in truth I know it's not true.
It's the little voices in your head making you believe s**t like that.
The "inner dialogue" as some pshycologists call it.
I know the things I think sometimes are all bulls**t, but it still bothers me.
I'm caught up in thoughts and actions I have a great deal of trouble controlling, but I think that is just the point: stop trying to control life and just go with the flow.
Everytime I've wanted to kill myself I've felt hope rise in me.
Until that last moment before commiting the act I felt it was the only way and nothing could help, but then suddenly my life would flash in front of me and everything would look better and hope would return.
Just keep on hoping.
You are not alone.
I don't want to live unhappy.
And I'm thinking of stopping it right now...stopping the sadness and being happy.
I want to live and I want to be happy.
We all do we just don't know how.
Talk to someone.
I'm here and everybody else is here.


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Nope not everyone can be helped..... but everyone else here can try. You obviously do not want to be helped anymore. So I am just going to say "Good Bye" and "I will probably join you in the near future" because if your mind is made up then it is made up. And I will not let you guilt trip me into feeling bad for you.

Also you at least have friends, keep that in mind. Because I have no friends IRL. I have a half-assed family that is it.
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