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  1. nonethelessjaclyn

    nonethelessjaclyn Well-Known Member

    i'm done with this. i thought my life was great. my boyfriend is amazing, familys getting along, awesome friends..

    i guess i was wrong. about everything.

    i've cried so many times over little things that my boyfriend does and he doesn't even know. he'll never know. he'll never understand what i deal with every day.
    my friends aren't helpful anymore. they use to help me when i was depressed, but i guess they gave up on me too.

    my family is fighting more and more. i'm sick of it.

    the only way out is for me to end my life.
    that or run away.
    but where would i go?
    it's fucking snowing outside. i have almost no warm clothes.
    fuck it. i'm done. i hate this.
  2. Matt93

    Matt93 Well-Known Member

    Please don't go. Right now for me saying that, it's really quite hypocritical. But the good things in life are worth suffering the bad. Trust me on that.
  3. All these mixed emotions

    All these mixed emotions Well-Known Member


    i would still try to make youre boyfriend understand... give him some chances, guys are kinnda slow...

    i would do anything if i had know what my girlfriend was feeling/going trough, but she never told me, and now its to late...

    ofc i asked her, but she never gave me the chance and time to react...

    dont do the same misstakes, they most likley will do ANYTHING for you

    thats love and it comes with responsebillitys

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