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today i want to end it all. i am sick of it all. sick of people, of cancer, of trying to live and getting nowhere.

i just can't do this. i can't.

but who cares


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well for one...i do.... :console:

can you phone a crisis line...spill it out to a real voice, sometimes it helps...cry cry and cry some more...get the tension out.

if you go, what will happen to your OH...how will she feel knowing or thinking that she pushed you to this, you are a better than this.

i wish i could follow my own advice, but go for a jog, run up and down stairs a dozen times, wallow in the tub...music...just try and distract yourself, and it will pass...long enough to get you through another day....it did for me yesterday and it can for you today...

Thank you for caring when it feels like no one else does.

bloody tears need to stop this afternoon.

I won't do anything, not while she is alive, I wouldnt' do that to her.

But I feel SO trapped, just trying to hold off a panic attack right now.

thanks, you take care.


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I can finally sit and type so not doing too bad. Still quite weak, no food very little to drink since friday. Will take a bit to get some energy. ...and thank you. **hugs**

someone here?
I am so sorry everyone, but I need some help tonight please.

Its like a viscious circle and I hate this. I have to stay here but its so difficult. Am starting to have panic attack and am trying to distract but its not working tonight.

Am scared of myself.
They come in waves, like my thoughts. Was okay for about an hour and now my mind is again at top speed, yet I am exhausted. Getting so frustrated with myself.
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