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Don't bother


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I appreciate it but thanks. Don't bother saving someone who doesn't want to be saved. Don't bother cheering me up cause I knew I'm gonna fail anyways, I'll always do. Don't bother trying to talk me out of things, I'm that stupid. I'm a born failure, I'm destined too. 🤷‍♀️
Can you stand next to me so I look better by association? Sorry little joke...

You sound pretty sure of yourself, and can also tell the future. Maybe there's a career in fortune telling? Sorry, another joke. My point is no one 'knows' their future, at least not completely. I get what you're saying, (sigh) been there many times myself. I have no advice, just wish you peace


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You were doing well and can again deep breaths. Worth is overrated. You’re definitely not to be thrown away just because you’re going through things. We all want you in our lives.


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I sense a lot of indignation within your post, likely as a result of you not really believing this and others making you feel this way. I can imagine you're understandably frustrated and would like to see these negative and wholly untrue opinions disappear and feel valued, appreciated and your talent recognised. You be treated as an equal and everything you've been through taken into account. However, it must be constantly draining battling against them and often feels easier to just accept it, but the words here, to me, demonstrate you're not willing to do yet and nowhere near ready to give up. Good on you and please keep going. Think of yourself and all you have achieved and getting yourself where you need to be, for yourself. Think of the freedom you can get and the new people you can meet. It'll be a totally different arena for you and you will surely get different feedback.

Whatever the reason, please take care *hug
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