Don't Come to Me

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  1. BelovedDreamer

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    You do not hear me.
    I can speak the same words,
    listen and give the same advice,
    tell the same joke,
    and you do not react the same way—
    the words are wrong
    the advice is unsound
    the jokes aren’t funny,
    when they come from my lips.
    Because the words are always sweeter
    from those who don’t care to whom
    they are speaking them.
    See me. Speak to me.
    Not only when you’re upset.
    Not only when there are no “better” options.
    Not only when you need my strength.
    Come to me happy.
    Come to me when I grieve.
    Come to me when you need nothing.
    You don’t genuinely see, hear, or speak to me,
    because I am always there to listen,
    I am dependable
    as the cycles of the sun,
    so there’s no need to assure
    yourself, that I will rise and fall
    as expected.
    No need to flatter or mollify me.
    I am barely holding together my own skin
    someday I will fail to rise
    to hold you.
  2. Acy

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    :hug: You have very beautifully how I have often felt inside. Please know that you are heard and cared about here. :)
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