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Dont Cry, We meet in Nangijala...

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by securicor, Feb 13, 2014.

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  1. securicor

    securicor New Member

    Hello, My name is Pete and I am from Sweden.
    I guess you all have read about Astrid Lindgren... in her book Brothers Lionheart she write about Nangiljala, it is the place for afterlife!

    I am sorry that I have to share bthis with you all, but here is my story:
    Friday Night the 24/1 (2,5 weeks ago) I was watching TV and suddenly I felt a pressure
    over my left ear, I went to bed thinking this is gone tomorrow.
    The next morning I woke up without any hearing on my left ear.
    I went to the local hospital emergency room and a doctor looked into my ear, she told me I had an era infection.
    She subscribed penicilin for 5 days together with cortison eardrops.
    Wednesday 29/1 I went back to the emergency telling them the ear is
    not better, I got to see a new doctor and even he told me that there is still an infection.
    He said there are fluid behind the ear drum and gave me another 10 day penicilin cure together with cortison nose spray.
    On Monday morning 3/2 I was suppose to fly out of the country and the doctor told me not to worry about the flight, just make sur to prepare with alot of nose drops/spray.

    2 days later still no change and I wanted a third opinion before my 10 hour flight, I went
    friday (31/1) afternoon to the special ear clinik at our local hospital.
    They where closed at that time but Let me inside to see a ear specialist.
    She (a specialist in ears) tells me that there is no infection in my ear and that I can stop eating the penicilin.
    She tell me that I possible can have something called sudden deafness (that my hearing might not come back) and tell me that I have to start with a 10 day high dose of cortisone cure. She also tell me that the hearloss can be forever... I will not get my hearing back!
    I went into a total chock and had off course to cancel my trip!
    Today aprox 18 days later, the hearing is just about the same (can hear very very little and it sounds like the soung go thrue sandwich paper)!
    I alot have alot of tinnitus and I am extremely sensitive onbouth ears, but specificly my other ear! I use to be a active person going to the gym 4 days a week..
    I walk around with my ear in pressure, pain and a gigantic headache.
    After an hearing test at the hospital, they could confirm a huge hear loss!

    Here in Sweden we have good health care, but it is very very difficult to get information in the area of sudden hearloss, and the only think I can find when I google, is that no doctor can say where it is comming from and there is really no way to cure or calm this? I have so many questions bu no one have any answers...

    I might not after all is such strong guy as I always have been thinking… and my mind is falling over thinking in directions I never had before. Will the rest of my life be like this? This pain, tittitus and social collapse is driving me mad!

    Over one night I went from a happy guy to a nervous wreck with oncoming suicide thaughts... I Cant handle this anymore!
    Just want to hear if there ane anyone else out there with the same thaughts about hearing loss and suicide, or any relatives to hearing loss patients that left to Nangijala...

    Many thanks and sorry for the bad English!

  2. WildCherry

    WildCherry Staff Member ADMIN

    Hi Pete,

    It could be worth googling "Tinnitus Forums" or something along those lines, to see if you can find a place where people deal with similar issues. They might know of some options out there that you haven't yet found. I have mild tinnitus, and so although I haven't gone through anything nearly as traumatic as what you've been through, I can relate to the frustration of some hearing loss (mine is mild in my left ear), and what it's like to have to deal with tinnitus. Here if you ever feel like talking, or if I can help you find some resources that might give you some more answers.
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