don't date strippers...

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    i have a general rule "don't date strippers". i remind a friend of mine this all the time, but he never listens. yesterday at the gym he told me about a girl he was seeing, a stripper, tells me about how she just did a u-turn on him, i laughed because he said in the back of his head was my voice...

    "don't date strippers"

  2. Good advice. Strippers are nice to look at, but they must be very greedy and selfish, because that is their job. Not good for dating.
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    just omg some ppl are weirdos.
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    Aww, strippers need love too

  5. Hehe. True, though their love usually is from money, until they've bought everything they've wnated and can find a job which doesn't require taking off their clothes and dancing around to obtain money from horny people.
  6. rwillson

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    my advise goes two ways, ever try dating somebody that takes her clothes of for someone else's enjoyment and sexual arousal. unless you are very secure with yourself it will eventually become a problem in the relationship ahead. i don't frequent strip clubs, and there is a reason for that, i find them degrading and objectifying. i don't blame the girls who work there, they have come there for their own reasons, good or bad. but i do have my own opinions of those who do frequent strip clubs, add that to my own insecurities and you have a recipe for a messed up head and a rocky road ahead...

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    Some strippers strip because they can't find another job and they need the money. You shouldn't judge all of them based on one. :dunno:
  8. rwillson

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    i don't judge the strippers, i thought i made that clear (maybe i wasn't clear enough). i don't judge people for the work they do. i don't like the profession as a whole, i have seen it change people, girls and guys who go to the strip clubs. i wish we lived in a society where such places were obsolete. i don't think strip clubs should be shut down, people should have the right to do what they want and earn what they need how they want, i just wish there were better alternatives, personally i think the entire adult industry and culture can be very damaging. yes i have dated a few strippers in the past and i look back on those ventures as mistakes, but i don't place the blame for those failures on the women i was in involved with, there is enough blame to go around for all parties involved. yes some of the things people have said about strippers can be true, i have met many bottom feeders but i doubt they were always like that. for myself i don't and won't date strippers is more because of my own insecurities than anything else. there are other reasons but that is the main reason...

    i could list multitude of reason for not dating, Sorority girls, Models (oh god i have know some narcissistic, borderline, messed up models, talk about an evil industry that indirectly promotes addiction, eating disorders and bad body image... i know i used to model). i think it really comes down to what you feel comfortable with, everybody has baggage and are you willing to accept the baggage someone else is carrying...


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    Hi, I am 25 yr old man and am starting to understand that sex is not just about pleasure and orgasm. Although I am a virgin, I strongly believe sex will be much more pleasurable, exciting, fulfilling if you do it with a partner you sincerely share love/passion/interests/personality with.
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    Wow. I seriously didn't know men like you existed. Actually there are quite a few guys on here who aren't all about using girls for sex. It's actually given me hope that I'll find a genuine guy one day.

  11. Nicesinging is a very nice person and a good friend of mine. There are alot of genuinely good guys in the world who are passed up by women who get involved with mean men. Hopefully, you'll find the right person for you someday.
  12. rwillson

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    i have never understood the bad boy attraction (even though i have often present myself as such). i have know so many girls who have ended up dating abusive, cheating and self centered guys on the attraction to the rebel bad boy thing. the street goes two ways as well, i have dated a lot of girls who people thought were picturesque and unobtainable only to be toyed with and lead on a chase (i stopped playing the 'catch me if you can' game a long time ago). it is funny for years i worked as a bouncer and bartender at some hot places and most of the staff was always on the prowl, for some of them it worked most not (i used to tell my friends "the last place you want to meet someone is at a bar or nightclub'). i might have been a little harsh on the "don't date strippers" line, it's just in past experience, observed and participated it seemingly never worked out, and someone always got hurt. my second to the comment isn't about the girl who end up stripping, but the industry and culture that exist around it. from the obvious objectifying of an individual to the dark side of that industry. i have know many girls who used to strip and they all regret it, it ruined their own relationships, it sometimes led to addictions and even physical harm. it is an industry that i wish would go away...

    i am no saint, i am no evangelical nut job, i am not a self righteous do-gooder, i have just seen a lot of darkness in my life and the damage it causes and my wishes and hopes for all are good and come no harm, which isn't a reality in this time...

    there are a lot of nice people out there, chances are they are staring you in the face (and yes some of them may strip, may something better come their way). i could go into much more, there are many industries and institutions that exist that do just as much harm, some of the most innocent even being the worse...

  13. RWillson, I agree with you. The industry of strip clubs needs to end, however, it stays around for the obvious reason of money. There is no way of attacking the industry in attempts to make it go away. The way to do that is to go after the customers. I don't mean by legal action and such, but to provide them with another means of sexual satisfaction without hurting a human being. It is one of the issues which can be resolved by science in the development of human-like female androids.

    Men go to strip clubs to "watch" women, negatively builds up those chemicals which induce them to want to have sex, like porn does. Over time, that can be dangerous if it is taken beyond the limit of temporary "safe" enjoyment, which leads to serious problems. Methods of sex relief such as strip clubs and porn can be eliminated by science in a much safer way which also seems to be alot more enjoyable than just "watching". Hopefully someday soon this will get resolved.
  14. rwillson

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    it would be nice if we lived in a truly enlightened society that didn't value appearances over an individuals content, sadly we don't, sex sells on all levels. there is no way to ban it, i just wish that society and people as a whole could address these ills, that the misinformation that we as people are feed on a daily basis held people with a higher regard (trust me society doesn't, i used to work in advertising). so much could be allievated from that which is wrong and harmful. from a young age we are taught not to really respect on another, but instead to covet. our outwards presentation may seem otherwise but it is true. we do horrible things to ourselves to make others desire us, more and more is invested in the industry to make us desire others, we are told what is pretty, what is sexy, what is ugly, what is acceptable, what is success when less and less we are taught to value what is important...

    my wishes are unrealistic and are no more than magical thinking, but i feel until we as a society, as a people, as a species move towards a fundamental change in how we view ourselves, others and the world and what is really important things won't change.

    i don't want to ban strip clubs, blame individuals who work in the industry, i don't want to ban the industry, ban blatant objectification, or the world it exists in, i just wish we could make it obsolete...

  15. I believe that in order to change is to give people an alternative, and have the loss of business ruin stip clubs rather than legal bans, etc. Of course, the desired intent would be to change people's thinking about sex in general, although I don't know how it would be possible considering what has already been done by the sex industry and the media. I don't really think there is much love in sex anymore. Sex has become a selfish social activity where people please the other in order to get pleased back, and then that is it. People get tired of having sex with their partner, mind games occur, then they split off to find other people. There is no feeling, no loyalty. No real connection besides the physical. This has happened ever since the end of the hippie era. Hippies were very sexual, but there was still a level of intimacy beyond just having sex, then leaving. At least that is what I heard from someone I know who use to be a hippie. After that era ended, sex got more and more tied in with money and physical feeling, not love. Selfish sex.
  16. rwillson

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    i agree, i think the problem lies in the human condition, it has nothing to do with morality so to speak but more in regards as how we treat others and our selves. of course this is a problem that spans all of society and effects almost every aspect of life, it could be listed as one of the greatest causes of poverty, as well as many other ills. the sad fact is we do not live in an enlightened society, and i doubt we ever will. my own belief is the fact that we have not done our best to move to a more enlightened society (in many cases we have moved backwards, i site the rise of extremist fundamentalism occurring worldwide in almost every faith, the vast separation of the wealthy and the poor, imperialist foreign policies, it is all a vicious circle that feeds upon itself), i don't see it ending and i fear it will be our undoing...

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    THere was girl that I was interested in who was one. She was a nice girl. I had thoughts asking her out. I was worried what my parent would say. I waited too long that someone already asked her out.

    Sometimes shallowness can just as bad.
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    I wonder if the view expressed on this board is a bit pessimistic? I don't think strip clubs offer cheap thrills, nor do I believe that there's much sexuality associated with it. Yes the girl is naked, but there's not much sexual or erotic feelings when seeing this girl. it's just a blah event that never really appealed to me. The idea that strippers are bad dates is bulslhit. Let's go for what it is: sales people are bad dates. Are car sales staff different from dancers? If so, why? Are lawyers over charging their services different from dancers? I think if you see somebody as a stripper you shouldn't date them. Mostly because you're not looking at who they are. If you're not uncomfortable with the profession don't date a dancer, but it seems unfair to attack somebody for their choice to dance naked. Hell if I was more handsome I'd do that. I love going about my room naked, lol.