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    I wieghed myself this morning....I weigh 183 pounds....I busted out in tears. That's way too much for a 14 year old girl that's 5'7 I'm height. I looked up some types of ways to get skinnier and I came across bulimia tips and anorexia tips. Some where simple like taking a cold shower to burn calories and to just drink water. So I wasn't going to only drink water for lunch but then I walked into the lunch room and sat down wotg my friends. All of them were eating and I couldn't help it. I went and got my lunch. I got so rib sandwhich, grapes, blueberries, 2 small bags of Doritos, a milk, and a water bottle. I was so disappointed in myself. I'm so fat. I want to be able to see my rib cage when I stand normal. I want to be able to see my hip bones when I'm standing. I'm horrified when I look in the mirror. My thighs touch. I have a chubby stomach. I can barely see my collar bones. I just want to be skinny
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    Hi there,

    Starving yourself is not the answer to how you are feeling. Please take it from me 'cos I have went from being under weight to overweight, I go from one extreme to the other. A healthy balanced diet that includes filling foods such as proteins and low carbs lots of vegetables and fruits will help you. I go to a diet class every friday. I started on the 30th of last month, I was 10lb down 2 weeks ago, I missed last weeks class because of a chest infection but will let you know how I get on Friday. If you do not eat you won't lose weight as your body's metabolism will slow down. You must eat regularly and make the food nutritious. I have a diet thread. Here is the link

    But remember its for healthy eating and not starvation. I felt just like you when I was 14 except I wasn't over weight. So I do know how you feel and right now I am heavier than you. Hugs xxx
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    if you want to start changing your diet habits it's v hard to just go from normal habits to suddenly nothing or very little. it may help to try those cereal bars or fruit bars (hoping you know the things I mean - yummy health foods) and eat it really slowly, like chew it up really good before swallowing it - don't know science for this but it helps prevent overeating as you become aware of being full sooner because you're taking your time. also it might work to keep eating snack foods for a while and gradually swap them out for things that are better for you, try things like doritos with a healthy dip then some doritos and something leafy or carrot and some dip until you have just salady stuff and dip keep changing it up but slowly pushing the less healthy foods out. eating shouldn't have to be a chore just because the stuff you used to eat is no longer available, you have to keep your health food interesting to not b tempted to break out. also treating yourself is fine and you shouldn't feel guilty about slip-ups. you're great and deserve to feel it !

    stay safe <3