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  1. I know people probably won't expect it anymore seeing how I've been threatening i'd do it over the last few weeks. Which is exactly what I've been wanting to reach. Last night i had an experience which made me realize that someone will come to get me really soon. I'm gonna do it one of these days. And I'm happy with it.

    Cant wait for the moment she's here to grab my hand and take me to her place.
  2. Hun, i really don't know what to say, You heard how upset all this made me. I was so upset at the thought of you going. Its not your time and it wont be for a long time. Your time is when it naturally happens not when she or they comes to get you.

    One of these days should be very far away, like you said, 14 years away. I didn't go last night and i don't want you to go. Remember what you said, i can't go because of the domino effect, your right but if i can't go then you can't. If one of us goes then their gonna be responsible for a lot of peoples deaths. Your time will come naturally, not suicide. I was really worried about you last night (well this morning) as you proberbly heard, thats becase i care and found it hard to talk about her coming to get you.

    Im sorry for last night, the last week i've been fucked up and i will till next till Sunday. I don't mean to worry you. But you say i or no one else can go. Then you can't go either. Please stay safe.

  3. The day is coming soon. And soon is not 14 years. That's all I'll say about it.

  4. well i hope u know whats gonna happen. Gimmie the lecture about the fucking knock on affect, I really should of died last night but i didnt for u. Fucking mistake that was now, but hey todays a new day. Got it planned :smile:
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