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Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by NotHere, Nov 22, 2007.

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  1. NotHere

    NotHere Guest

    I used to love coming here.
    I used to feel part of a group being here.
    Was here most of my time.
    Now I don't.

    Now it feels like I don't exist here :(
    Just because i'm quiet and don't say much no one notices.
    Only a few people do.
    All the hugs and saying I care are fake.
    As soon as you go quiet no one notices that you're not here.

    I might as well disappear.
  2. aramaki

    aramaki Active Member

    If a few people notice you, then why not hang on to that thought? Appreciate them as online friends?

    As to the hugs being fake or not - how do you know that? But if you need something more "real" than online groups like this, then maybe there are alternatives closer to home - counselling, family, friends and the like?
  3. NotHere

    NotHere Guest

    Just proves my point :(

    I won't bother coming back
  4. RySp123

    RySp123 Guest

    Ever thought that maybe one doesn't wish to express a concern that who is being silent might just not be around anymore so tacing instead of wanting his-her doubts?

    Or by respect of a need to take a step back and a not wanting to interfere?

    many reasons can be behind the silence you feel on the part of those you used to converse with. before presuming, i'd go ask directly to the source and not put words in one's mouth.

    as to online and here which is the same thing being real yet a relative reality....... you cant expect everyone from having a life out of here (online) nor to live here just in case others might just need us. enough demand from real daily life wihtout burning us with such expectations.... be realistic no matter how you feel. there is a limit to what we can humanly do either here or real daily life.

    now go and ask to the source it might lift your spirit and prevent you from further imagining things that might just not be. dont be so quick to condemn
    or take decisions.

    amen am outta here ..... do what you want at the end its you that must decide
  5. NotHere

    NotHere Guest

    I'm sorry for being a inconvenience.
    I'm sorry for being a waste of space.
    I just shut my mouth and not bother anyone.

    I'm sorry for being here.
    I'm just a piece of shit.
    I'm a horrible person and don't deserve anything.
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