dont fuck with me today

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    I fukcing hare it when someone assumes that im being rude or ignoring them when i am not. i didnt see anyone talk to me in chat. if i had i would have replied. and i especially dislike being told not to be rude when i have not been. if u dont know the fucking situation then not butt in. i kno im a fucking grouch and i know im pissy but i just want to be alone is that so hard. its moms birthday for fucks sake just leave me alone people. if u dont like how im acting today then dont talk to me. i honestly dont care right now. im trembling a si write this not only out of 'attacks' but out of anger. i dont like ppl treating me like shit when no one said anything and i didnt see anything and i have no memory of it. before u tell others not to be rude u need to check urself first. honetly people just fuck off today.
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    I'm not sure I have the words that suit right now. I will offer an ear (or more literally an eye), if you choose to accept it.
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    Like many here, I have no intention of doing anything other than caring for you, so please PM me if I can show you that you mean alot to me and many others here