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dont get it.....

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im sorry i needed to get this of my chest..because i just dont get it....
what my problem is is that some ppl i know just making eachothers live so miserable...threaten to kill themself telling they take a break because they have enough.treat there firends like shit and after a day or so act like nothing happend. find it normal what they are doing.and just loves the attention they get while i and some others i knowthat its just the attention that they need. ok i know this forum is about trying to talk about ur probs but some are overreacting about it...i know allot of ppl here really need help but dont get it because they absorp all the attention the others really need....think about that.... i just needed to say this ..im sorry if i hurt some ppl feeling ..but maybe if it hurts u u gotta think about what ur doing...dont go and guess arround who im talking about..its just i want to open some ppl eyes and let them know that there are more ppl on the site here then just them....and they need it more..............


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I understand where you are coming from, but I wanted to preface your post with one comment, being in pain is NOT a contest...yes, I wish ppl were more forthright about their circumstances, and did not use threats as a way to get attention, but it seems that those who do this are probably more troubled than others...thanks for putting this out there, but please know that even when someone manufactures his/her story, we should still have great compassion towards him/her...I know the emotional cost of someone saying they are going to do something, only to find them at home, watching a DVD..etc...I am most saddened when this happens because it means this person has lost sight of the consequence of his/her actions...big hugs


I'm not around this forum much but I do sympathise. Sometimes the loudest gets heard over the quiet people.


I don't think the people who use loud threats are more troubled than anybody else- because I don't think you can measure pain with how loud a person shouts or in what way they verbalise their pain, whether it be through threats or a quiet run-through of feelings. I do agree with you Sadeyes that compassion should be shown, whatever is being said. I think sometimes, it's a way of communication that some people are used to. My sister is this way. Perhaps making the person who seems to not be aware of his/her actions be aware of how they effect the other person who is trying to help may help someway?

Good luck.
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