Dont give up there is hope

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    As the topic states dont give up there is hope. There are people out there in the most unlikly of places who you will get on with enough... I've met someone on this forum and we just clicked, within a few weeks we met up in real life (in a very public place) and got on and now were seeing each other :)

    Shes such a wonderful girl shes smart, kind, careing, funny, gives people her time, is understanding, has a gorgeous smile and such amazing eyes that i could stare into them for the rest of my life. She really is something special i feel warm inside when i think of her which is all the time and miss her loads.

    Due to the anonymity of the internet im not going to say who it is but she does know that ive posted this.

    Love you sweetie XXXX
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    Just to make clear it is not me. Name spelt slightly differently :tongue:

    Anyways, Good stuff - hope things go well :cool:
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    hey that's great congrats :smile:
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    Lucky u :unsure:

    Her nick starts with p and ends with a right? :)
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    You have my blessings and best wishes.