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What would you do with someone who hurts you physically and emotionally everyday and all day long??

Who says you're ugly and fat. No one will ever love you.
No one wants an ugly fatty.
You're stupid, brainless, nothing what comes out your mouth makes sence,
no one wants to hear your thoughts, feelings, opinion, why do you keep
talking to everyone, just shut your fucking mouth.
Do you really think people want to talk with you, they only talk to you
because they feel sorry for such a pathetic person.
Just do them a favor and leave us all, no one really wants to talk with you.
You're annoying, retarded, stupid, worthless, useless, simple, brainless,
ugly, fat, fake, whiner, loser, phatetic, humorless, they hate you.
Everything you do is wrong, the way you walk, talk, laugh, smile, watch tv, play, draw, dance, eat, piss, clean, drink, work, fall, cut, smoke, burn, look, cook, shower, etc.
What? You want to be an artist, learn to draw decently first, its crap,
my shit even looks better. Do you really think they want you, just give up!!
Cut yourself, burn yourself, hurt yourself, you deserve the pain.
Do you call that a cut, its just a scratch, cut deeper.
Do you call that a burn, its just a second degree burn, push harder, longer.
You're so pathetic, why are you harming yourself, do you want attention or something. Because you're life looks good to me, nice family, nice house, everything looks perfect.
Yet you're ruining and fucking everything up for yourself and for others.
Because one day they will find out what you're doing, what you've done.
You'll stay like this forever, for you there is no future, no hope, no life!
You dont deserve this life, you're just making everything harder for the rest.
Do yourself a favor, do the rest a favor and kill yourself!!

Its the truth. This person is right
I so fucking hate her, i wish she was dead
Something we have in common, we both think I should die
Because I'm that person who keeps saying this.
And I dont think, I can live like this much longer.
This mask I carried for years, is starting to break.
I dont know if i can keep acting like this silly, crazy girl, who seems to be fine.
So dont be suprised if I'm suddenly not online, replying anymore.

I dont think they will ever read this,
but I just want to say this to a few people,
I hope everything works out for you.
I hope you will feel better.
I hope you will even feel happy at some times.
You deserve a wonderfull, beautifull, good life.
Thank you :hug:
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