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Don't know how to function

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Botched it on 1/28/11 --xxxxxxxxxxxx -- someone called me in.

All I want to do is sleep, forget eating, I have a pain disorder -- not helping -- work 10 hours a day (have to), writing is non-existant now, do not have one close friend, family happy to have the "me" they want back, and I have no idea what is left standing in my shoes.

Doing what I am told, seeing the therapist, all my doctors, taking my meds, --- I feel like I am in STEPFORD.


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Hi M and welcome...feeling estranged from who we are seems to be a part of the problems many of us go through...great pain causes severe coping strategies...have you spoken to your therapist about this? Does your pdoc feel this might be a side effect of the medication? Have you spoke to him/her about this? Also, great username...welcome again, J

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Hi welcome to SF Has your doc refered you to a pain specialist to help you cope with your pain. Perhaps meds are too high if you are not feeling like you
Hugs to you
No -- felt like this months before the "event". Just worse now. Worl just tumbling down -- my life makes "lifetime" TV look like a cartoon.

Pain makes it worse -- if anything probably need to up meds -- but I need to work. Did you say disability? So did the Dr's. HA! When the US makes it affordable I will.

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