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Dont know if I can make this one

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Hi all,

Thanks again for all your support in previous threads. I just want to share a concern I have thats coming up. I'm stressed in my job. I hate it. I havent had a holiday since I began here, well over a year ago, and only get refuge time on the week end. ive just been informed I will be going to Canberra for a week to an important conference to network and try and sell our product. After that I am to fly to Sydney to meet with representatives of the government of the largest state in Australia to do a presentation for them and hope they will take up our product.

I just survived a suicide attempt two weeks ago (employers dont know). I am in no way in a state to do either of these activities. Some days I cant even get out of bed. I wont be able to pull this together. I am worried the stress is going to push me over the top.

What should I do???


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Maybe you should go to your doctor and tell them what is going on and get a work excuse to get some time off. Sounds like you could use some rest.


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I can really empathize with what you're going through.

What about your job is overwhelming you? Is it that you have a social anxiety disorder?

Can you try to slow things down in your mind a bit? For instance, the approaching trip to Canberra sounds like a conference of sorts. So on Day 1 you'll fly in, check in to your accommodations, maybe attend a kick-off reception. Day 2 you'll be on the floor, talking product with potential customers and other vendors. Maybe attend a seminar or two, etc.

Maybe the tasks of the entire week are jumbling inside your head creating the overwhelmed feelings. Slowing it down helps me.

As for the Sydney presentation, start taking time in the evenings to go over your presentation. Preparation is key.

At the end of the day, they will either be interested or not. If they're not interested at all, nothing you could have done would have saved it.

I've had social anxiety for a the entirety of my life, I know how overwhelming it can be. I haven't conquered it completely, but I've learned to accept my shortcomings and not let the event become bigger than me. It isn't easy. Hang in there, feel free to tell me more in PM if you wish.


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go to your doctor today okay get some time off work sick time and recouperate some more Don't push yourself to the limits again sick time is for times like now hun use it
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